4 Cool Security & Surveillance Gadgets


Security has always been a homeowners concern, but with more and more ways that a person can break in, there is the need to increase security. Here we are going to take a look at some of the best gadgets to help you secure your home.



An obvious deterrent that you can have installed on your home other than security guards is the security camera. This keeps people at bay and to avoid lots of cost to you, you can buy fake cameras and get them installed, however if you was to get burgled they are not going to help catch the thief. The more high-tech cameras can cost more but will be worth it in the end; one such advancement is that of the IP camera. These can be easily installed to the outside or the inside of the home and they provide good quality images no matter how good or bad the light is. By entering your own unique username and password into the online system, you can see the images of your home wherever you may be.

Dog Alarm

Dog Alarm

Another old school deterrent for burglars is the family dog; but not everyone wants to own one, so getting an alarm that makes people think you have a dog is a good idea. The alarm works by using a sensor, which can be placed in areas where an intruder may enter. It picks up the motion of people moving around it, and when set off it will instantly send out a warning bark. If the motion sensor still picks up the presence of someone it will go into a second stage where it makes longer and louder barking noises. If this is still not working and the person is still detectable it uses the sound of an angry dog getting ready to attack. Not only is the dog alarm going to deter intruders but it also acts as an alarm to those inside to be on the lookout.

Fingerprint Access


This is a good device to ensure that only the people whose fingerprints are connected to the device can enter. This can be used anywhere in the home; the front and back doors; a safe; or even an office that may contain firearms or important documents. This is also a great gadget to have in workplaces, where access to certain information needs to be restricted to certain people. Some of these devices can be connected to the main company, so that if someone tries to access the area with an incorrect fingerprint, local police are informed. You can get finger print access systems from Ansador.

Securing Your Mail


Not only are our homes being threatened these days but also our private information, where thieves can use our identity and carry out fraud. Much emphasis has been placed upon ensuring we shred our paperwork to avoid this, but what about the mail we receive, how do we stop this from getting taken? With an electronic keypad or fingerprint reader, once the mail has been put into the mailbox no-one but the owner can retrieve it.

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