Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel Review


The release of this latest “Army of Two” game, “The Devil’s Cartel” was greeted with plenty of cheers along with a nearly equal helping of jeers.  That’s right, even some hardcore fans seem to be voicing a bit of dismay about the direction that the release of this most recent entry in the franchise has taken.  This is made ever the more frustrating because there are some elements of this game which are truly first-rate, like the graphics and enemy A.I.   Alas, you can’t win them all, as they say, because the game seems to suffer in other areas like the co-op system or the “on again / off again” cover system.  Still though, it’s highly playable…the question is, how many people really want to play it at this point?


Arguably, the strongest element of this game is its visuals, which are very detailed and quite impressive.  Everything looks great, the lighting, framerate, and overall design of both characters and environments are extremely well done for a game of its type.  No one is going to see this game and action and say “that doesn’t look good” and if they do they’re just trying to be disagreeable.

Army of Two The Devil's Cartel -

Moreover, there are even some destructive environments which add a lot of enjoyment as well as a bit of strategy to basic play.


Perhaps the biggest “miss” with “The Devil’s Cartel” however is its gameplay, which will register on people’s radar ranging from “it was OK” or “quite decent” to perhaps “didn’t find it to be particularly entertaining” or “that was pointless”.  The bottom line here is that the developers removed too many features and didn’t spend enough time working on developing a more dynamic control system, which is mega-important as far as 3rd person shooters go.  Still, some might not be too bothered by the perceived shortcomings of this title; and yes, most of these feelings likely stem from unfair comparisons to other recently released games from esteemed franchises.

Simply put, a lot of people are going to pick up this game and think “well, this isn’t so bad, what were all the negative reviews about?” while others will be gunning for the end, happy to get it over with.  From a technical standpoint the game is certainly not broken or anything, but it’s not going to turn the heads of many veteran gamers.


It would be too easy and perhaps unfair to simply lambaste this game and tell people not to check it out.  The truth is, people need to make up their own minds based on personal experience.  Having said that, fans of 3rd person shooters will probably want to give it a go, most others, particularly those who are into action / adventure / RPG / or FPS titles, may or may not be interested.  Arguably, “The Devil’s Cartel” is one of the weaker titles of the “Army of Two” series (and one of three games total), so it’s probably best to rent this one if you want to check it out.

Rating – 7.0 / 10

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