4 Reasons why Windows is a Better Choice than Android Powered Smartphones


The release of new Android OS, Lollipop has had a huge impact on the smartphone market in India, which is already dominated by the Android powered phones. But, in today’s age, where the tech giants are engaged into a bloodless battle to gain maximum market share and stamp their dominance and technological superiority, companies like Windows are not lagging far behind in giving a tough run for their competitors money. In response to Android’s Lollipop, Windows bought out Windows 10. Now if you have been an Android fan, it would be an eye-opener for you to read the content below on why windows phone is a better choice than an android smartphone.

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Coming back to why Windows phones are better, here are top 5 reasons:

Great apps

Critics may argue that Android Play store has a large number of apps as compared to the windows app store. But, what windows don’t offer in terms of numbers it more than makes-up with quality apps. It has all your basic requirements covered. Since Microsoft has a strict restriction on the apps that make it to the app store, you can be sure that the apps available are superior to Android apps. The apps are consistent and in most cases they look better than they do on Android.


Cortana is the virtual digital assistant counterpart of Cortana. The assistant is intelligent and it learns and evolves over a period and makes life pretty easy for you. It helps you make calls, search restaurants in your vicinicy, read messages, provides you traffic updates, remember appointments and do a lot more. Cortana is way ahead of other virtual assistants. If Cortana alone tempts you to buy a Windows phone, it is best advised to first check couponraja offers to know which online store offers the phone at the most affordable price.

Consistent performance across all Windows devices

For Android powered devices that come in different shapes and sizes, consistent performance across different devices has always been a major drawback. But, with Windows devices you can be sure that you get consistent performance across all devices be it the entry level smartphone like Lumia 520 or the high-end Lumia 1020 you would not find any lag.

Customization of tiles

The windows smartphones allows you to pin or unpin the tiles on the home screen as per your requirement. You can also shuffle across the pins as you want. Each of the pins gives you a quick preview of what is going on in each application. You can see weather forecast, notification from Facebook, twitter and whatsapp all from the main screen.

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