Essential Technology and Furnishings You Will Need For Your New Office



Mackenzie Kosut

So you have taken the leap and decided to go into business for yourself. For too long you have worked hard and left the rewards to someone else. Now you are entering an exciting phase in your career, and it could be life changing.

Most businesses require an office and, when they first start out, people often underestimate the cost of the equipment required. The days of a single telephone line and a typewriter are long gone. A modern office is a technologically advanced control hub for business.

If you are putting your first office together, here is a list of equipment and technology you are going to need.


Each member of staff is going to need a place to work. The equipment in that place needs to be of suitable quality to carry out their work efficiently and without injury to themselves. Yes, this equipment can be sourced online or in the local catalogue shop but that may not be the best way to go about it. The desk should be large enough for two monitors plus in and out trays and the chair must be comfortable. It is best if you take your staff members along to an office furniture showroom and let them try the chairs out for themselves. What suits one member of staff may not suit another. They will be sat for long hours while working, and back problems are common because of it. Reduce your absentee rate by providing the best chairs.

Computer System

Each workstation will need a computer. These computers must be reasonably powerful. There is no need to supply gaming machines, but they may connected on a local network so the ability to run office applications while sharing information is required. Most computers, these days, are up to the task. The office will also need a server installed to house files, rout emails, etc. The server can be very expensive depending on how many people are on the network. The more terminals in the office, the more powerful the server will need to be.


Software is expensive and needs updating regularly. Apart from the operating systems which update for free, applications can soon become outdated. Sometimes it is better to use web based applications. Innovative hr software developed by is a prime example of software that is accessed and run online. It provides security from malicious attacks, and updates are free. More offices are turning to online applications than ever before, and it is easy to see why.

Air Conditioning

Thanks to the number of computers heating offices these days, there is often a requirement for air conditioning to cool the room.  It also filters the air and helps those suffering from hay fever and other allergies. Staff are also more productive in a more comfortable environment.


If you are moving into a tired office, never underestimate the cost of a new suspended ceiling, to hide the horrors above, and new decor. It is important that the improvements are made to a high, commercial, quality which is likely to be expensive.

When adding all of the costs up it is feasible that the cost of outfitting a small to medium sized office could run to around seven thousand pounds. The office makes a statement about your business, however, and that is why investing money in them is often the right thing to do.

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