Technology Every Mountain Climber Needs


We all need a hobby, right? It’s just that some are more dangerous than others, and so the technology we use to assist us must be first class to ensure no injuries occur. Trekking and mountain climbing fit this category perfectly, where it could be extremely risky for people to engage in this pastime without first looking at some of the safety devices available. Nowadays it’s unusual for anyone to climb a mountain without having some guides nearby, and so the whole endeavour has become a little safer. However, there’s still a lot that can go wrong, which is why it’s vital that you read through this article and learn about some of the technological equipment designed to keep you safe.

You wouldn’t get an electrician turning up to rewire a house without a volt meter, and you wouldn’t see any steel fabricator without a darkened mask on when welding. This is much the same for people who engage in mountain climbing – turning up without the right tools for the job could cause any number of unforeseen issues, so pay close attention to the information I’m about the relay, especially if you’ll be joining thousands of others on the Annapurna circuit next year.

Ropes & Harnesses

Regardless of whether you think you’ll be climbing or walking up a particular mountain range, it’s important that you always carry a sufficient length of rope and a strong enough harness to support your body weight. You never know what might happen, and with avalanches being rather common when you get up high, it’s more than possible that you might get swept away from your chosen route and put into harms way.

GPS Trackers & Transmitters

If you’re visiting Nepal or somewhere similar for the first time, you probably won’t have an amazing understanding of the sheer scale of the mountains until you first lay your eyes on them. Even today when we’ve got helicopters and dedicated rescue teams, some people still manage to disappear when climbing, and this is why a GPS tracker and transmitter is essential. They’re actually not that cheap, so you might want to factor this expense into your budget when booking, but take it from me, you definitely don’t want to leave home without it.

Stainless Steel Crampons

It’s important that anyone planning a climbing trip pays special attention to weather reports on the days and weeks leading up to their expedition, but even with the best of intentions; the experts can sometimes get things wrong. This is why having some top quality crampons is vital, as they will allow you to move more quickly and freely should a snow storm descend in the area. Basically, they look a little bit like childrens ice skates, but I’ve personally heard stories of people who’ve been caught out by freak weather, and they all say their crampons were the most important tool in helping them to reach safety.

So, now you’ve heard all about the crucial tech, I hope you’ll be a little safer when engaging in your next trekking holiday. It’s important that we all do a bit of exploring occasionally, but it’s just as important that we all come home to our families safely.

See you next time!

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