Awesome Tech That You Should Already Own


The world runs on technology these days and if you do not have the latest gizmos and gadgets you are falling behind. We use tech for everything, from keeping in touch with our partners, writing up business files or wasting our life trying to beat that darn candy crush level. We have no doubt that you will be using tech no matter what you are doing through the day. With that in mind, here are some of the must own gadgets that you should already possess.


We are sure you already have one of these, but you may want to think about updating to one of the latest models. While some are blatant cash grabs – we’re looking at you iPhone 6 plus – others have revolutionary tech that is well worth investing in. Besides, without a good smartphone how are you going to amuse yourself on the train home from work or waiting outside your next job interview? As addictive as they are we love downloading the new apps to our smartphone and spending hundreds of pointless hours on them until we get bored. But smartphones have other advantages because with the best ones, you can get some business done even when you are away from the office.


We admit when they first came out we were sceptical of the 4K TV. If you do not have one yet, it is basically the next step in high-definition picture quality. The problem with 4K is to be able to see the difference between it and 1080p; you had to be sitting about four feet away from your television. Not only is this bad for your eyes, it makes styling your living room an absolute nightmare. But now, 4K tvs are bigger and better than ever so you can have the ultimate in home entertainment secured to your wall, and you can lounge back a good distance away on your sofa. Also, if you buy one now, you will have the TV needed to view 4K Blu-Rays, due for release this Christmas by all major film companies.

High-Quality Camera

We know what you are thinking, Why do I need a camera when I have just bought a brand new, trusty smartphone with a 10-megapixel camera on the back. Well, it is quite simple really. There is just no way a smartphone can take pictures that match the quality of the best cameras on the market. Smartphones are great for a quick selfie, but if you want to take photographs you can love forever of breathtaking sites, you need a high-quality camera. Whether using a Nikon or Canon, you will love taking photographs that truly look like art.

Ultrabook or Tablet

Finally, if you want to work on the go or watch your own movies on a long flight, you need a buy a good laptop notebook or tablet. These lightweight devices are quite costly but you can get cheaper models, and they are a must have accessory for travelers. The best advantage is that unlike a normal laptop, the latest models have battery power that lasts ten-twenty-four hours. You will rarely have to worry about recharging.

If you do not already have the latest version of these awesome gadgets, we suggest you start saving. You will be astounded by how much they improve your quality of life.

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