Amazing Ways Smartphones Are Running Our Life


Smartphones have developed to become an integral part of our daily lives. In fact, they’re so important and influential that they basically run our lives now. If this takes you by surprise, it shouldn’t. Have a look at this list and you’ll see just how smartphones are running our lives.


One of the significant developments in the smartphone market has been the evolution of Siri and programs like it. Siri is exclusive to iPhone, but other smartphones have their equivalent. The basic concept of Siri is that it’s a voice activated application that allows you to ask questions. It will then provide you with answers based on internet searches. You can also ask Siri to make appointments for you.


How annoying is it when you book something weeks in advance, only to then forget about it?  The number of times this happens is crazy. You can make a note of something in the diary, but there’s nothing to remind you about the appointment. Well, the good news is that now there is. You can use your smartphones to do just this. You can get text message reminders for important events or appointments that you’ve booked. This makes your life much more practical and efficient. You never need to worry about missing an appointment again, and you’ll always be on time.

Health & Fitness

A great way in which smartphones have evolved over the past few years is their ability to become more useful. See, nowadays, not only can you check your emails, you can also check your blood pressure and heart rate. There are accessories compatible with smartphones that keep track of your health and fitness. You can devise exercise programs and fitness regimes using your phone.


One of the most incredible aspects of smartphones is their apps. You can do almost anything nowadays through the use of apps. Whatever you might want or need to do there will most likely be an app for it. Many apps are free, and those that aren’t are certainly still cheap. The app store contains thousands of options in many different categories. It’s just a case of deciding what apps would be best for you. As there’s an app for almost anything, it’s possible for us to run our lives using just our phones.


Email is the classic and age-old form of digital communication. Before social media, and before smartphones there was email. It continues to endure and play a major role in our personal and business lives. The great thing is that these days smartphones are compatible with email. So you have a portable means of sending and receiving an email right at your fingertips. This means if you’re running a business you can communicate with clients at any time during the day.

There’s no doubt that smartphones play an enormous role in our everyday lives. We use them probably more than anything else over the course of a day. Thinking about it, it’s not hard to see why. Smartphones have now developed to the stage where they almost act as a portable computer. You can do so much with your phone these days that it seems silly not to take advantage of that. Have a look at the points on here and you’ll understand how smartphones run our lives.

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