Brush up Your Poker Face with These Educational iPhone Apps


Learning to play poker is one of the most difficult casino-related tasks people will ever complete. Not only are there basic rules that apply to all games, but there are also different stipulations depending on where you play, and the style of poker you engage in. This can make the whole exercise very tough, mainly because you’re not allowed to sit at a table with a copy of these rules. Whilst playing online makes things a little easier, you simply can’t beat spending a day in your local casino with other real people, and so this post will highlight a few different iPhone apps you might find useful.

Don’t get me wrong, there are obviously some people who have no desire whatsoever to master this game, but the article you’re reading is very much aimed at those who do. So, spend a couple of minutes checking out the software apps listed below, and you should come away with a better understanding of the best learning tools in the poker world.

WPT Poker Trainer


This application is available for either your iPhone or iPad and doesn’t cost a penny. While the creators are obviously promoting their own Poker site via this means, the program itself is actually really good, and contains all the information you would ever need to become an internationally renowned Poker star. The best thing about it is, you don’t have to risk any money while learning, as there are unlimited free plays available.

You can download this app to your iPhone or iPad from the Apple Store by simply following this link: Download.

Video Poker Trainer


This app allows users to view a number of different expert videos explaining the ins and outs of the game of Poker. On top of this, it also provides downloaders with a free poker simulator and many different strategy guides guaranteed to make you a better player. While it’s not free to download, it only costs around $1, so it’s definitely worth a punt, no matter how skilled you already might be at the game.

You can download this app to your iPhone or iPad from the Apple Store by simply following this link: Download

Deepstacks Poker Training


Much like the other apps mentioned, this one from Riptide Software has been designed to help you work on your game with the help of professional advice from some of the world’s most respected Poker players. Sure, it’s not as fun as playing online at or another reputable site, but you don’t want to do that until you understand the rules properly anyway. You do have to sign up to use all the features on this one, but it’s completely free, so you only need an email address.

You can download this app to your iPhone or iPad from the Apple Store by simply following this link: Download

Well folks, that should be enough to turn you into a brilliant Poker player over the next few months. Just remember not to risk any money or place any bets until you’re 100% confident with your abilities.

Have fun! At the end of the day, that’s what gambling’s all about.


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