SteelSeries Zboard Keyboard Review


For many of Today’s games, a standard PC keyboard simply won’t do.  They either don’t allow for enough simultaneous keystrokes or lack other useful features which could greatly enhance (or better facilitate) gameplay.  Enter Steelseries’ “Zboard”, a PC keyboard that’s been created to serve the dual roles of flexible gaming solution and standard computing responsibilities.


So, what does this gaming keyboard starter kit really have to offer gamers?  How about packaged software which allows for full key customization?  What about interchangeable keysets, and predefined profiles for over 150+ games?  The Zboard even carries with it a specialized “gaming keyset” as well as a built in (two-space) USB port for plugging in additional peripherals.  The really great thing about SteelSeries’ Zboard however is its aforementioned ability to allow for up to 7 concurrent keystrokes.    This is an important feature because many modern games often feature not only complex controls but also macros, which may mean having to press and/or hold down multiple keys (often while still moving and/or fighting).

Bundled with the actual keyboard is of course the Z engine software which allows you to further customize your keyboard layouts for specific games or design your own defaults.  The Z board is also a top quality PC keyboard in its own right, with virtually silent keystrokes and all of the standard placements and features you would expect to see.  Underneath its unassuming exterior however, the Z board is hiding a bevy of features which serious PC gamers should find extremely useful.  If you’re into PC gaming and are in the market for a new keyboard, by all means, pick this item up.  It will sure make a nice addition to your gaming setup and will stand up very well to normal wear and tear.

Rating: 8 / 10

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