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Satellite navigation has been around for quite some time now, and millions of people all over the world rely on it to get them from A to B. Even so, we thought it was about time we released an article discussing both the pros and cons of using this kind of technology. Some people think it’s brilliant, and they couldn’t possibly live without it, while others refuse to use them altogether. Hopefully, today we’re going to find out a little more about both sides of the argument. Are those championing the devices simply deluded? Or are those avoiding them just scared of change? At the moment we just don’t know, but hopefully by the end of this post things will have become crystal clear.

Don’t get me wrong, regardless of the conclusion we reach, you should still try out satellite navigation at one time or another to see whether it suits you, and whether you could benefit from it. As you will see in a second, there are more pros and cons, but it all depends upon how you find the technology. Which car you own matters little as they tend to fit perfectly on any dashboard. I just bought a Jardine Motors new Toyota and the sat nav I had in my last car works fine.

The Pros Of Satellite Navigation

  • You never get lost – Providing you’ve downloaded all the latest maps, and you ensure you always type the correct address into the device, having a sat nav in the car should mean you never get lost, no matter how obscure or out-of-the-way your destination may be.

  • Journey times will be decreased – You might know how to get from A to B, but it’s possible that you could be taking a longer route than is required. As soon as you turn on a sat nav and enter your postcodes, it will automatically calculate the best route possible. With high end models, how this is worked out could even be affected by current traffic information.

  • It doubles as an entertainment system – If you opt to buy the cheapest product on the market, it probably won’t include this feature. However, if you spend more than around £200 on your sat nav, it could be cutting-edge enough to deal with CDs and DVDs.

The Cons Of Satellite Navigation

  • It’s not always 100% accurate – You’ve probably seen stories in the national press where people have driven their cars into a pond or onto a railway line because the sat nav told them to turn left, right? Well, although these people obviously have no common sense, that does happen from time to time.

  • It can be very expensive – As I mentioned a moment ago, if you want high end models, you should expect to pay hundreds of pounds, and some people find this a little over the top. Fair dos though, you do get a lot for your money when opting for these expensive models, and the service they provide is most definitely superior.

So, having read through the pros and cons of using satellite navigation, you should now have a better idea about whether or not the technology would be suitable for you.



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