owner, Alki David, offers Chris Brown and Drake $10,000,000 for a Boxing Match


If you like drama then you will like this story! Chris Brown and Drake recently had a disagreement at a New York night club, which resulted in a fight and carnage.

Chris Brown and Drake
Chris Brown and Drake

The story made international news and billionaire, Alki David, took note and decided to offer both Chris and Drake a legitimate fight in a boxing ring. Alki David has updated his original offer, with a new mega offer, worth $10 million, $1 million of which would be donated to charity.

Alki David owns, a live internet TV website, and it would be great publicity for the fight to happen live on his new venture. If the fight goes ahead then it is likely that Alki David would host the fight live on his website, which would likely be a pay-per-view show. Chris and Drake haven’t yet committed to the huge offer on the table.

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