Jabra Supreme UC Review


blankTo say that the Bluetooth headset is a symbol for our times is an understatement; for many people such a device is an absolute necessity.  A number of companies have went out of their way to design headsets which capture the potential of the technology while trying to capitalize on design concepts and multi-device functionality.  The question is, how does the Jabra Supreme UC compare with other devices out there and what unique features does it offer consumers?

Simply put, the Jabra Supreme UC Bluetooth headset is quite an achievement in terms of both form and function.  Nearly every facet of this handy little device purports function, sensibility and ergonomics.  They’ve more or less thought of everything in terms of design.  The headset itself is actually quite comfortable, but as many others have noted, not exactly ideal for those engaging in a lot of physical activity.  It basically has 4 buttons which control everything; 2 for volume, 1 on the mic for voice control, and 1 large multi-function button.

Additionally, the Jabra Supreme UC is compatible with home computers / laptops, smartphones as well as tablets.  Basically what you’ve got here is one of the most versatile Bluetooth headsets on the market, perfect for those who live a very connected lifestyle.  Likewise, keeping the unit charged isn’t a problem at all because there is a micro USB port incorporated which has that fully covered.    In keeping in line with the concept of better form and function, the unit actually powers on when you unfold the boom mic (conversely, it turns off when you put it back), while this is merely a minor design feature, I was very impressed with the intuitiveness of this feature.  Likewise, connecting it to compatible devices is a breeze; all you have to do is turn it on, tap the multi-function button and say “pair new device”.  The Jabra Supreme UC is definitely one of the more user-friendly Bluetooth headsets that I have encountered.

In terms of sound quality, the Jabra Supreme UC is capable of competing with virtually any other device on the market.  Crystal clear calls with no drop-offs and sound producing very little to no “ear fatigue” is what the Jabra Supreme UC can offer you.  It’s no joke, this device features a steep price tag for a reason, and it really delivers on its promises.

Arguably, the coolest thing about the Jabra Supreme UC is the ability to monitor and record audio from a computer / the internet.  You can literally take calls while shooting your vlog (video blog) if you want, and of course it works great with Skype or Google talk / video chat.  This device seems as if it was designed for busy internet entrepreneurs and extremely active social busybodies.

Those who use Android should be excited to note that there is a special Jabra app (for Android) which gives you the ability to access specific sound profiles for certain situations.   Moreover, there is also voice cancellation technology accessible via the app which delivers flawless sound to your call recipients even when you’re in the midst of a group of loud, talkative individuals.  In short, anyone with a computer and smartphone will certainly get a lot of mileage out of the Jabra Supreme UC, but only those who use the Android OS will be able to access all of the splendid features of this wonderful device.


Great design, flawless functionality, and multi-device functionality make the Jabra Supreme UC an ideal purchase for someone who might be seeking a universal Bluetooth headset which is capable of “wearing many different hats simultaneously”.  While a lot of people might feel that dropping around $150 on a Bluetooth headset is somewhat extreme, you have to keep in mind that this truly is an excellent unit and is worth the money.  The Jabra Supreme UC is by no means a cheap device with minimal functionality; on the contrary, this handy little device really delivers the goods when it comes to durability and long-term value.  The fact that you can use this device to make calls and direct audio to and from the internet really makes it a great buy.

Rating – 9 / 10

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