Futuristic Watches Every Man Will Love


When you were a kid, you used to watch things like Star Trek and Marvel and the technology and gadgets on display within the films. You would dream of the day when it would be possible to get ahold of that kind of technology in the real world. Well, nowadays those kind of devices are getting closer to being reality.

Technology has evolved so much that we have devices now that would have been unimaginable just ten years ago. Today it is possible to buy technology that mirrors the types found in our favourite sci-fi films and TV shows.

From the iPhone to the XBox Kinect to fibre optic broadband, technology has come a long way quickly. It stands to reason that technology accessories should also develop and adapt. Watches are one of the most popular accessories in the world and among men are no doubt the most popular.

The design and appeal of watches have altered considerably throughout the years. There are brands such as Rolex that have attempted to maintain the same visual aesthetic through the years. There are plenty of smart-looking affordable timepieces out there. The key is buying one – like these – that don’t try to look fancy.

This is particularly true of digital watches. They have always appeared more high-tech than their analogue counterparts. As a result, their transformation into a futuristic design has been more complete.

Here is a collection of futuristic watches that every man will love:

Nixon Newton watch

The Newton Watch

With its sleek stripped back design, minimalist features the Nixon Newton oozes class. With its double dot quartz hands, it is one of the leading models of futuristic looking analogue watches.

With a trendy square face and a classic LED light, the Nixon Newton is available in an array of different colours.

This is one of the leading analogue watches on the market right now. It is one of the most high-tech and futuristic looking models you can buy. You could turn heads at a sci-fi convention with this watch!

Void V01EL

Void V01EL

This Swedish watch has been on the market since 2008. With it’s streamlined metal face and digital screen it almost resembles a miniature laptop.

The Void V01EL is available with leather or stainless steel straps. It is one of the most classy futuristic watches currently out there. This is a sophisticated men’s watch. A business men’s watch. Perfectly adaptable to wear at meetings or out at your favourite bar, this watch wouldn’t have looked out of place on the set of Star Wars.

STORM Digimec

The STORM Digimec is a futuristic, modern looking time piece. A mixture of digital and analogue the stylish stainless steel frame and LED display is a must have for any watch lover. With black ion-plated steel case and a fastened metal clip, the watch should compliment all forms of dress.

Its unique space age illuminated display of time and date lights up the black face in neon red. It looks almost as though it had come straight out of the Terminator movies. This is the perfect Christmas gift for any professional man or sci-fi geek.

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