The Next-Level Technology Coming To Your Home


We’re obsessed with new technology here at Tech Exclusive. We love discovering new gadgets and inventions. We get excited by the prospect of new technologies. Quite simply, the future can’t come soon enough! That’s why science fiction films are so fantastic. Because they show us a future that we could soon inhabit. We’ve been having a sneaky peak into the future of home technology. Everything we’ve found is currently available or in development. When the price comes down, rest assured, each of these will be a common feature of the home.


TV technology seems to be evolving at a rate of knots. First we had flat screens, then HD, then LCD TVs. Now, we’re on the brink of the next big change. 4K monitors are the most advanced viewing platform ever. They’re four times as powerful as your traditional HD screen. That’s 8 million pixels to HD’s 2 million. The mainstream adoption of 4K won’t just change our viewing experience. It will change the cameras we buy, the smartphones we use and the games we play. If you’ve never seen a 4K screen in real life, you’re in for a treat. The definition is silky smooth and precise. The price tag still puts 4K out of reach of your average consumer. But, prices are dropping and it won’t be long before they’re a must-have feature in every home.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is a thing of fantasy. It’s a science-fiction invention. A flight of surrealism. Well, it was. Over the next twelve months, we’ll see the biggest mainstream adoption of virtual reality ever. This is all thanks to the monstrous popularity of one particular VR headset: Oculus Rift. It began life as a humble Kickstarter campaign. A sprightly startup crew envisioned a virtual reality solution for their video games. They built a prototype, put it online, and the rest is history. They secured over $2.5 million in crowdfunding. The company was then bought by Facebook for $2bn. It looks set for a full rollout later this year. It will allow gamers to play with unprecedented reality.

The internet of things

If you’ve read any tech blog over the last twelve months and you’ll have heard of the ‘internet of things’. It’s the terrifying/exciting prospect of electronic appliances that think for themselves. It’s a car that loads up your route to work before you’ve even got in the vehicle. It’s a fridge that orders more milk because you’re running low. It’s a house that automatically sends your energy consumption to your gas supplier. The internet will soon connect all electric appliances and work in harmony with each other. It will change everything about our home lives. Everything will report to your smartphone or tablet, so all appliances can be controlled or monitored. If you’re imagining a household robot-army, then you’re not far wrong!

We’re getting excited just thinking about the future possibilities! As far as we’re concerned, these inventions can’t get here fast enough.

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