Gaming Laptops versus Gaming PCs: Which is Better?


For many, they are unsure as whether to invest in a gaming PC or laptop. This is not a snap decision, but rather something that takes time to consider. You will need to think about all of your options before you invest in a piece of kit. PCs and laptops both have advantages and disadvantages when it comes to gaming. However, you will need to consider your needs and desires before you invest in either.

Let’s get to the ultimate showdown:

Gaming Laptops

Gaming laptops have come on leaps and bounds in the last decade. If you want portability over rigidity, then this is the solution for you. For many, they love the portable aspect of gaming laptops. Playing with friends and peers is critical. If this sounds familiar, this may be the best option for you.

Gaming cards can now be inserted into the laptop, which makes for a much better gaming experience.

However, laptops do become hot. The heat can also cause problems while gaming. The heat can slow down the processor. This in turn means that your gaming experience is somewhat hindered by the heat. The fans are not large enough to cool the device down. This can cause a lot of problems for gamers.

Furthermore, you do not get the same level of memory, space and graphic projection that you do with a PC.

Gaming PCs

Gaming PCs are the ultimate solution for those that want a powerful machine that means business in gaming. While they are not portable, they are more robust. With a gaming PC, you get a higher spec and a greater value for money. Gaming PCs are often cheaper alternatives to the laptop. What is more, they are more powerful and not as prone to problems as the laptop.

You get a much quieter operation too. PCs are built for extended periods of use. Laptops should only be used periodically. They are not designed for usage in a mains socket. This can cause problems when gaming. PCs, therefore, are the more sturdier and robust of the two devices. However, it is portability that you crave, the solution is a laptop. The graphics hardware and CPU outage are better and clearer within a gaming PC. After all, graphics is an all important part of gaming.

If you want a gaming PC that can stand the test of time, you need to invest in core i5 or i7. This will ensure that you game is more efficient. Laptops also have this technology, so you need to think about what you require from a gaming device.

In Conclusion

For the serious gamer, the obvious choice is a PC. However, for those that like to play with peers, the laptop is a must. What is more, you need to make sure that whatever device you choose fits in with your budget. You need to endeavour to make your money work for you. When all is said and done, the game is what counts, not the device.

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