Haven’t got a PS4? Here’s Why You Should Join Over 35 Million Gamers


The numbers don’t lie… while the Xbox 360 was the last-generation king, many gamers have now jumped over to Sony’s side of the fence, and they couldn’t be happier. The PlayStation 4 is an amazing console with a long list of fantastic games and a very promising future, so you’d certainly get your money’s worth if you decided to pick up a PS4 today. If you haven’t yet purchased a PS4, there are a plethora of reasons why you should, all of which will be discussed below.

The Console Itself


ps4-console The hardware in the PS4 is hands-down better than the Xbox One, making it the most powerful console on the market today. It boasts more RAM and a 1.84 teraflop GPU compared to the One’s 1.31 teraflops. The PS4 is capable of handling 1080p resolution at 30 or 60 fps, while the XBOX One only does 720 or 900p at 30 or 60 fps. The PS4’s lightweight controller, called the DualShock 4, is a huge improvement over the DualShock 3, with comfortable thumbsticks and triggers, a touchpad, gyroscope, and easy “share” button that lets you save screenshots and gameplay videos on the fly. The console is also very sleek, quiet, and lightweight. It also looks stunning too, right? 

The Future of PlayStation


Sony has made it clear that their main focus is on the PlayStation brand, they want to continue the success by having the best game releases. Combine this with PSVR and you’re on to an amazing combo – why wouldn’t you choose the PlayStation 4 as your console of choice, after all? Simply put, it’s totally exciting as to where Sony’s main brand is heading, and to be apart of it is sure to be amazing.

The Games

Horizon Zero Dawn

A console is only as good as its games, of course, which means the PS4 is a fantastic console. Last-gen, the Xbox 360 had a lot of great exclusives, while the PS3 lagged behind. That’s definitely not the case anymore. With a huge amount of quality PS4 exclusives coming soon, it’s this reason alone as to why you’d opt to be a proud PS4 gamer. Street Fighter V, the latest iteration in one of gaming’s most influential franchises, is a PS4 exclusive. Uncharted 4, one of the most-hyped games of 2016, is also only coming to PS4. There are a ton of original IPs coming to the PS4 as well, making it the console to own if you’re looking to play the biggest and best games of the near future. Ultimately, there is an endless supply of games coming to the PS4 and VR headset – this is probably the main reason as to why the PS4 is the best-selling 8th gen console.

PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR

In the very near future, Sony will be releasing PlayStation VR, which is an awesome looking virtual reality peripheral that will change the way you play video games. PS VR is basically a helmet that you put on which connects to the game you’re playing and allows you to look around and interact with the game world as if you were actually in it. It’s being built from the ground up specifically for the PS4, and if it feels as good as it looks, gaming will never be the same.

The Fact That Everyone Else Has One


If you owned a 360 instead of a PS3 or an Xbox instead of a PS2, you missed out on a lot of good Sony exclusives, such as God of War, Uncharted and more… but don’t worry, because the PS4 has got your back. PlayStation Now is a subscription based service similar to Netflix which allows you to stream and play classics like these at a moment’s notice. It costs an extra monthly payment on top of your PlayStation Plus membership, but it’s worth checking out for a few months in order to get your hands on some older titles that you may have missed out on during previous console generations.

It’s an Experience for the Whole Family

PS4 goalThe PS4 is undoubtedly a great console for the hardcore gamer, but it’s fantastic for casual gamers as well. There are plenty of great family games that you can download directly from the PlayStation network, and some games support four players on a single console. Netflix is also built directly into the box, so if you want to take a break from Street Fighter you can always relax and watch a movie. With easy to manage parental control settings, you can even buy the console just for your kids without having to worry about them accessing any inappropriate content.

No matter what your reason for buying a PlayStation 4, though, you’ll be glad that you did.

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