Top 2016 Apps for Your Life


Time for an app roundup! As 2016 moves into high gear, you need the top apps on your phone to help you stay organized, motivated, entertained, and relaxed.



During the early part of the year, people feel pressured to eat right and stay active— especially after all those holiday treats. Using Epicurious, you can find healthy recipes that will keep you on the right track to achieving your fitness goals. The app makes it easy to opt out of problematic ingredients like nuts, wheat, or dairy, depending on your dietary needs. Epicurious even helps you create a shopping list. Compatible with iOS and Android, this app is totally free.



Are you interested in improving yourself as a person this year? Try the free app Duolingo. It’s set up like a game, and it teaches you the basics of writing, reading, listening, or speaking a particular language. If you’re looking for a fun way to pick up a little Italian or French, check it out! It’s available on your iPhone or Android smartphone.



Are you struggling to keep up with everything that you need to do? Try Trello. It’s an organization app that works well for individual users and also makes it easier to collaborate with a team. Whether you’re using it for work or for home life, you can sort your tasks and keep up with progress and appointments through Trello. Best of all, it’s free and available for both iOS and Android smartphones.


BrightNest app

This is your go-to app for all those pesky little chores around the house. Are you curious about the best way to remove rust on your toilet? BrightNest has the answer. Need to fix a door that won’t close right? Look it up through BrightNest. It’s free, and you can download it via your Android or iOS smartphone.


MyFitnessPal app

Here’s another popular free app for those persistent people who are still on their New Year’s resolution diet! This handy app works with iOS or Android and helps you determine the caloric value of every food and drink that you put into your body. It also helps you gauge the calories that you burn via exercise and determine how close you are to your daily goal. It’s an easy way to stay aware of your fitness level and overall health.


Hopper app

Are you itching to get out of town? With the app Hopper, which is free for iOS users, you can keep track of flight prices to get the best deals. Just tell the app which destinations you want to keep an eye on, and it will keep you up-to-date so that you can fly at the optimum time for a great price.


Kayak app

If you want to track more than just flight prices, download Kayak for free to your Android or iOS phone. You can create your itinerary with the app, rent a car, book a hotel, and stay up to date on your flight details.


Bonjournal app

Want to keep a journal the modern way? Try Bonjournal, a free app for iOS. It’s a beautiful, minimalistic app that stores your notes, memories, and photos so that you can enjoy them yourself or share the pages with others.

Nature Sounds

Nature-Sounds-AppIf you’re the type of person who doesn’t fall a sleep easily, then Nature Sounds is an app that you should certainly check out. You have access to a variety of calming sounds that are sure to be a useful sleep aid for sleep sufferers. From waterfalls to tweeting birds, relaxing is now just a button away. The images are also designed to help with the atmosphere, pulling you into a yawn provoking hypnosis. The developer is also planning to launch an iOS version along with a premium video version. This future edition will allow you to witness nature – so look out for these future releases. But, for now, the Android audio app is sure to impress most. Happy sleeping!

What’s your favorite new app for 2016? Tell us in the comments!

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