Heralding the Next stage in Online Gaming

Shin Minchul, a 21-year-old college student, plays online computer games at an Internet cafe in Seoul, South Korea, Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2013. A law under consideration in South Korea’s parliament has sparked vociferous debate by grouping popular online games such as “StarCraft” with gambling, drugs and alcohol as an anti-social addiction the government should do more to stamp out.(AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon)

The ICE (International Casino Expo) exhibition is always a highlight for gambling buffs, while it has also becoming increasingly alluring for technology enthusiasts too. After all, online gambling and casinos are emerging as increasingly dominant in the marketplace, with people increasingly likely to play through their smartphone or tablet in the modern age.

The recent ICE exhibition was no exception, melding classic casino gameplay with cutting edge technology to showcase the future of the marketplace. This years’ expo was particularly exciting and innovative, primarily because it hinted at the impact that augmented and virtual reality will have within the online gaming sector.

Microgaming’s vision of the future with virtual reality rouletteTo this end, one of the standout products on display at this years’ expo was Microgaming’s virtual reality roulette prototype, which had been designed specifically for the event and to study the impact of three dimensional technologies within the gaming sector. Located in a futuristic, CRYO laboratory, Microgaming used the Oculus Rift DK 2 headset in conjunction with a Leap Motion 3D controller for tracking player movements.

Those fortunate to access this prototype were immediately transported to an immersive and realistic roulette table located in outer space, combing the best of augmented and virtual reality to create a stunning gaming environment. Players could then operate as though they were active within a bricks and mortar casino, while the in-built motion sensors in their controllers enabled them to place bets with real-time hand gestures.

For anyone who is used to gambling through traditional outlets such as those offering the ability to play mobile bingo for free, this may seem like a fanciful and unnecessary evolution. If you are interested in enjoying authentic and realistically paced casino gameplay within a real-time environment, however, it represents the next logical step in the market while those who were at the ICE exhibition or have experience of products such as Microsoft’s HoloLens will understand the impact that augmented and virtual reality has on gaming as a whole.

With this in mind, there is no doubt that augmented and virtual reality remains the future of the online casino market. We have already seen live casino gaming enter the mainstream in recent months, for example, while the quality of online and mobile graphics have also improved beyond all recognition. This can created greater demand for increasingly immersive and authentic casino settings, which host well-paced games and experiences.

No technology achieves this better than augmented and virtual reality, so these concepts and their associated hardware are best placed to meet the demands of online gamblers in the future.

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