Online Dating is Compared to Virtual Gaming: What are the similarities?


While it would appear as though there is a world of difference between playing games such as roulette and virtual dating, renowned author and New York professor Eric Klinenberg has claimed that the two have a great deal in common in the modern age. More specifically, Klinenberg believes that the sheer volume of online dating sites and their numerous unique selling points has turned the quest for love into hard work and something akin to driving a second revenue stream.

In addition to this, we also use the same interfaces and devices to complete a range of daily tasks, from work-based chores to virtual dating and gambling. The rise of mobile apps means that smartphones and tablets have emerged as the most popular devices through which to game and date, which in turn has blurred the once clearly defined lines between recreational and money-making pastimes. Now you can game online and seek out dates simultaneously, creating a connection between the two that did not previously exist.

These two activities are also linked by the amount of work that is required to be successful over time. Online dating is more intense than ever before in the modern age, as romantics must trawl through a plethora of apps before choosing a specific service provider to suit their needs. This is even before they begin to consider potential mates, which is challenging given the rising number of online daters. In terms of online games such as roulette, these entities blend skill and chance while offering considerable opportunities to those who are willing to hone their ability and think strategically.

This is ultimately a positive comparison, especially when you consider the popularity of these two markets and the success-rates enjoyed by participants. It is estimated that 34% of present-day married couples met online between 2005 and 2012, for example, while just 26% of mates were introduced at work or through friends during the same period. This clearly underlines the success of online dating, both in terms of finding mates and developing long-term relationships.

Online gaming can make a similar claim,  and players that enjoy mobile bingo on the go will confirm it offers identical house edges and odds to traditional iterations of casino games while driving greater accessibility and opportunities to win. There is also a wider variation of online games available, while virtual players are offered access to the most lucrative promotions and bonus packages. All of these factors combine to create more favourable odds of success and achieving greater returns, making online gaming a viable alternative to traditional platforms.

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