How to become a pro at Roblox


Ever since Roblox was released back in 2005, it has consistently managed to dominate the category of massively online multiplayer games. In Fact, it would be a bit unfair to term Roblox just as a game, as it is also a game creation platform. Millions of people all around the world play Roblox, a kids coding game and its popularity is increasing every day. To be a pro-Roblox player, you need skill, creativity, and good hardware. In this article, we will talk about some tips and tricks that you can use to become a pro-Roblox player and enjoy the game to its full potential.

Practice the controls:

It might sound like a very basic tip but this is how you get started. There are lots of players who play online games for months continuously but never succeed at becoming a pro and the primary reason for that is their bad controlling skills. Online multiplayer games require you to control the gameplay with great precision. No matter how much knowledge you have about the gameplay, if you are not able to exercise precision control, you just won’t make it to the top pro level.

Practice with a friend:


The best way to do it is to practice with the admin of a level. You can ask them to help you in improving your gameplay. For example, you can ask them to shoot at you while you jump left and right and make some quick moves around the obstacles to protect yourself from the gunfire. This type of practice will improve your gameplay exponentially. Keep on practicing continuously and before you know it, you will be a better gamer.

Hand to Hand Combat:

It’s not all about blazing gunfire and rocket launchers. You also need to practice hand to hand combat for scenarios when you don’t have a weapon and you find yourself cornered. There are so many players who are really good with a weapon but loose early when it comes to hand to hand combat.

Cool Hacks:

Even though people do not admit it but there are a lot of pro players who use hacks during their live gameplay. Hacks definitely give you an upper hand in online multiplayer games. You can find some popular hacks for free on the internet but the pros always use customized paid hacks. You can visit They provide the most up to date hacks that are really difficult to detect and block. They also test their cheats on a regular basis so that they stay up to date and undetectable.

Be Nice to other players:

One of the sure-shot ways to increase your friends on any online multiplayer gaming platform is to be nice to other players.. Try to help those who are just starting out with the game. Calling someone noob or giving them an unnecessary attitude will not help you gain popularity. From time to time we all need a helping hand.

Try new moves:

Everyone knows how to move in a straight line and jump left and right. These basic moves are not going to help you become a pro-level Robloxian. In order to become a pro in Roblox, you need to practice different moves so that you can execute them comfortably during difficult situations. The skill level is what separates basic players from a pro player. Most of the players just know the simple moves and they never practice any advanced moves. With regular practice, you can surely gain an advantage over the other players.

Stop blaming your teammates:

If you are constantly having bad games and low scores then there is no point in blaming your teammates. A lot of people put the entire blame on their teammates. Chances are that you are scoring low because of your own faulty gameplay. If you keep on blaming others then you will never be able to contemplate why you are having such a hard time. So instead of blaming your teammates try to investigate what’s causing the problem and try to solve it with a new approach.

Never stay static:

Most of the players stay static while combating enemies. This is true for more than 90 percent of the players. And this happens not only in Roblox but in other online multiplayer games too. Standing still while combating makes you can easy target for your opponent. Try to watch the online stream of some popular pro-Roblox players and you will find out that they continuously move back and forth and left and right while combating their opponent. This requires a high level of precision control and skill that you can acquire with regular practice.

Learn from others:

These days you can find a lot of popular pro-level Roblox players who regularly stream their gameplay on popular streaming services. Millions of people from all around the world watch these streams for entertainment. But you should watch these streams with an investigative eye. Try to figure out what kind of mistakes these players make and what kind of solution they come up with. Then try to use these ideas in your game and see if they are working for you too. Some pro-level players also stream regular Q&A sessions. You can join in one of these sessions and ask your queries directly. Chances are that whatever is stopping you from becoming a pro-level player can be solved with the guidance of other pro-level players.

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