How To Turn Your Home Into A Surveillance Fortress


The crime rate is on the up almost everywhere, so an increased number of people want to take security measures to protect their home, possessions and family from break ins and intruders.

CCTV cameras are a great tool and can turn your home into a surveillance fortress. You can easily fit your CCTV cameras anywhere on the home and they will constantly keep watch. Here’s how you can make the most of your CCTV cameras and make your home as safe as possible:

Connect Your Camera To Your TV

There isn’t much point in installing a video surveillance system if you don’t watch them from time to time. If you connect it to your TV you can watch and record videos, and see if there’s any suspicious activity.

Record Videos

As mentioned before, recording videos allows you to go out and then watch footage at a later date. You’ll need to make sure your CCTV has a system with DVR support so you can record the live goings on around your home. Recording footage is a great help when an incident occurs, and then you have videos as evidence to help with any legal cases or issues.

Covert Cameras

Covert cameras are the type that are designed not to get anyone’s attention. They can be easily hidden, great for if you want an inconspicuous CCTV system. Covert cameras are very popular and are used all over the world (all though you’d never know it).

Remote Access

If you get a video surveillance system with remote access, you’ll be able to view your live feed not just from your living room but from wherever you are.

Use More Than One Camera

Using multiple cameras is a good idea, just in case your home has any blind spots that would miss parts of any incident. To record with multiple cameras you’ll need to make sure you have a DVR system with a big capacity.

Select The Perfect Software

For example, using a good PC system can help to make use of motion and light sensors. The lights could automatically come on when it’s dark and movement is detected.

There’s plenty you can do to turn your home into a real surveillance fortress with the help of a good CCTV system. However, there are people out there that will panic as they know they can’t afford all of this fancy equipment. Here’s what you guys can do…

Buy A Fake Surveillance System

Fake surveillance systems do nothing other than look scary and deter thieves/intruders. You can purchase fake surveillance cameras from anywhere on the web, including Amazon and eBay. You can even get fake cameras that have constant flashing lights that are solar powered so they look totally real! Even with a fake surveillance system above your doors we doubt any intruders will want to take the chance.

Fake surveillance systems are a great, cost effective option for warning off intruders.

Your home will no doubt stay safe from intruders with a CCTV system – whether it’s real or fake!

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