Indochino releases new clothing line featuring nanotechnology


If you’re familiar with many spy-themed Hollywood movies you’ve probably seen one of the characters do some type of technologically advanced suit or article of clothing.  You know; coats that can inflate to protect the wearer from falls or perhaps others that energize the wearer’s central nervous system, giving them superpowers and so forth.  We’ve all seen these types of movies.

Well, believe it or not, Indochino, a company that specializes in menswear has announced the release of a line of nanotech-enabled suits that actually grant the wearer some incredible advantages.  First off, these suits feature a nanotech coating that is said to protect the wearer (and the fabric itself) from hazards such as stains, spills and even sweat.  In other words, you would no longer have to worry about coffee spills, food stains, getting “puddle splashed” by buses, or other typical hazards.  In fact, according to information from the company, you could even go out running / jogging before work in your suit and none of your colleagues would be none the wiser.

These suits also incorporate an additional lining that’s designed to protect the wearer from extreme cold, etc…However; one of the coolest features of this line is the integrated “smart pockets” which allow you to safely store your electronic devices in a weather-proof environment while still allowing it to function normally.  If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a special mock button that serves as a conduit for running a set of headphones through the coat itself in a very discreet manner.

Needless to say, this line should interest the guys out there who lead very active lifestyles with a focus on business.  Let’s just hope that the enhanced abilities of these suits don’t encourage them to neglect bathing in lieu of technological convenience.

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