Microsoft’s Surface Pro: Is it a sign of things to come?


Taking the lessons learned from the recent developments in many different areas computing and technology, Microsoft seems to be spearheading the development of what many are calling a new approach to personal computer design.  That’s right, Microsoft’s Surface Pro is not only going to incorporate the features of both traditional laptops as well as tablets, it’s also said to be extremely powerful.  In fact, Microsoft is promoting the new device by saying that it can “do everything you’ve ever done on your PC”.

In terms of features, Windows 8 Pro is onboard and applications are touch-enhanced as well.   To put it simply, it appears that Microsoft is attempting to fuse the best aspects of laptops and PC’s with those of a tablet; all we can say is bravo!

Rather than positioning the bulk of the electronics under the keyboard (as tradition would have it), many new laptop designs have positioned the components “behind the glass” instead.  Arguably, the Surface Pro is one of the best examples of this new engineering approach / design.

Power seems to be a central focus of this up-and-coming machine.  Touting a 3rd generation Intel Core processor, the Surface Pro is certainly going to be quite commanding as far as ‘muscle’ is concerned.  Sure, there have been concerns that it’s not the most elegant-looking PC in Microsoft’s fleet, but in terms of sheer potential, it’s still something to get excited about.  Moreover, it’s very likely that this new machine will generate some competition from the other tech giants.

The Windows Surface Pro is due for release in early 2013, so expect to see it in stores very soon.

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