Mobile VS Online Casino Gaming Showdown – How The Technology Has Changed Since The 1990s


Mobile casinos have exploded into our lives over the past few years, with more and more gaming fans choosing to play their casino favorites from the comfort of their own homes. Although it has only been in recent years that this form of gaming has become an integral entertainment form, for many, online casino platforms have been available since the mid 1990’s, in a format not far from the way we use them today.

1990s Apple Desktop PC and Laptop
1990s Apple Desktop PC and Laptop

Ten years ago, desktop PC’s and early laptops were our only options for online casino gaming, but the world has changed again and with it so have the casinos. Many now offer versions of their online sites for Android and some IOS customers, meaning that we can access our poker tournaments and the fast paced slots games on our morning commute, in the gym or even on holiday all in the palm of our hands. The question is which is the most useful form to access casinos and how do they differ. Here are some of the main differences, so that you can choose the best form for you.

The Gaming Catalogues

The main and most obvious difference between online casinos and their mobile counterparts are the amount of games available and the varieties in bonuses. When you sign up to a mobile casino, such as Grosvenor casino’s site for example, you will notice a huge variety of games and also welcome bonuses. Now, these will change from site to site, but many online casinos have 400+ games available, from Blackjack to craps and offer a chance to gain extra bonuses and levels throughout your game play. Many casinos are now moving their sites across for mobile users, with less games and a cap on welcome bonuses. This is great for those of us who already know what games we want to play and have joined for the specific reason of practicing and enjoying those games. If you try for casino online, you’ll be able to experience how far the casino has come when used with today’s technology.


The resounding difference between the games is the choice available: it seems that online casinos are the perfect place to start if you love long gaming sessions, with multiple levels and high end graphics. It’s perfect for practicing your skills and winning big. Mobile sites, on the other hand and the ultimate choice for quick gaming, such as on your morning commute and for those of us who want to just experience the fun of the games.

Does the game play differ?

One of the main concerns for players who are turning from online gaming to mobile forms is that they will not get the same high quality of experience through graphics and sounds etc. There are bound to be some small differences, down to certain limitations on mobile devices such as how you control the game play and the sound effects. If you play using surround sound at home, then you will notice a difference. Let’s face it, not many of us do so and of course this will not cause a noticeable difference. However, apart from this, there really is very little gameplay difference: the graphics are usually perfect on mobile devices and you will get some bonus rounds and the payout rates will certainly be the same. The main resounding issue will come if you are learning how to play the game. A great example of this is the age old classic, poker. if you are just starting your online poker journey and you are learning the rules, you may want to have multiple windows open for doing so: one with the game, one with the rules, one with tips etc. This can’t be done, at least not easily, on a mobile device, demonstrating the main game play issue with mobile gaming.

It should be noted that, in reality the reason we would choose to play our favorite casino games on our smartphones or tablets is for the fun of the game when we have a little time to kill. For periods when we have more time on our hands and want an evening of entertainment with friends and family, then you would pick online casinos. It would certainly be difficult to have multiple players around one smartphone screen!

The differences don’t come from the games – they simply come from how we use them.

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