Why 3D Printing Is Going To Be Amazing


The Internet was an amazing innovation and is now a technology we all rely on today. Who do we have to thank for this? Tim Berners-Lee from the UK – the creator of the Internet. We’ve seen a variety of services take advantage of this technology, namely Google. But what about actual technology that could reach the level Tim Berners-Lee reached with his invention of the Internet? Could 3D Printing really be the next major technological innovation?

3d Printed

Many computer owners have access to some kind of printer, usually an ink jet. Printing out documents and photos is something many of us have become custom to.

3D printers open a whole new world of possibilities. The idea that you can design something using an advanced software program and then simply ‘print’ it really does open an amazing amount of windows of opportunity.

When 3D printers become affordable for the majority, it will then be the cost of materials (the material cartridges) which will become another expense to consider.

The idea that a hospital could design a heart and simply let a printer go to work and print out a human organ is why this technology is set to be potentially amazing. Think about industrial scale 3D printing: the idea that a car manufacture can put all of its efforts into design opposed to the manufacturing process. Need a new part for your Dyson hoover? Simply print it from the Dyson website. All of these examples are likely scenarios that are heading to us all soon.

3d Printing Distribution

Because home owners are unlikely to have the ability to afford the materials for 3D printing, it’s likely that your local town or city will have huge 3D printers / technology, meaning you can order / design your products and then use your local 3D printing center to produce the goods – then you’ll go and collect them.

It’s not hard to imagine how 3D printing technology could change the lives of many of us, just like the internet did, what are you views?

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