VR Headsets: The Best Upcoming Offerings


The world of technology is constantly evolving, we’ve had all kinds of advancements in the last few years, and the latest excitement is with Virtual Reality headsets. After all, VR promises to change the way in which we interact with multimedia, especially games. Whilst it’s up for debate as to how popular this new technology will become, it’s hard not to feel excited and dream about the new doors that VR will open within the realm of multimedia.

If you want a VR headset right now, then you’ve got a few options, however, the real game changers are incoming soon. Game developers are already putting their brains into gear and looking at how they can make some amazing games. After all, it’s important that the content for VR is both creative and engaging.

Imagine the experience of being on a rollercoaster, for example, wouldn’t this be amazing with the right VR technology? How about a horror game, bringing you ever closer to the frights and terror, leaving you with a few more goose bumps than you’ve ever noticed before.

Virtual Reality defiantly has the potential to alter the way we experience certain games. It could also be a handy accessory that you’d use within games at specific moments. For example, imagine that you’ve just built a roller-coaster on your PC within a game like RollerCoaster Tycoon, next you could strap on your VR headset to experience it in reality form.

It seems fairly obvious that some genres will be harder to cater for than others, and it’s totally down to the game developers to think outside of the box and get creative.

VR is a technology ideal for 8th gen and PC gamers alike. That’s obviously why Sony, Microsoft and Steam are all working on their own alternatives. Could this technology truley make staring at your TV old school? Possibly not. However, it’s time to take a look at the best upcoming picks…

PlayStation VR (PlayStation 4)

Project Morpheus (PlayStation 4)If you’re a PS4 gamer, then you are probably excited to get your hands on, or should I say head on, this upcoming VR headset from Sony. For quite some time the name assigned was simply Project Morpheus, however, not too long ago it was announced that Sony’s headset would be named PS VR. This upcoming tech is expected to be one of the best available within the virtual reality world, and whilst we still have plenty more to learn, this is a good reason alone to buy a PS4 ahead of other consoles.

Release date: It’s going to launch in 2016.
Price tag: Expected to be £300-500

HoloLens (Windows 10)

HoloLens (Windows 10)Whilst PS4 gamers are quite clear about what they’ll be getting, the same can’t be said for XBOX One gamers. That’s because Microsoft’s headset won’t be aimed specifically for gamers, but will be a multipurpose headset, also called the mixed reality headset. It’s also important to note that Microsoft haven’t actually confirmed that it will even be compatible with the XBOX One. Although, it is expected to be, thanks to the consoles upcoming integration with Windows 10. However, this headset looks very impressive, and whilst its main market is set to be directed more towards a generalised audience, you can’t deny that the HoloLens looks awesome.

Release date: Expected to launch in 2016.
Price tag: Expected to be £300-700.

SteamVR (PC)

SteamVR (PC)The PC gaming community seemed to be a confusing one for a long time, however, Steam has managed to unify PC gamers, providing a strong and growing community, just like your average console consistently achieves. Now they’ve established a stronghold for PC owners, the next step is to provide accessories and hardware, namely the SteamVR, which is the HTC Vive headset.

Release date: Expected to launch later this year.
Price tag: Expected to be £200-300

Oculus Rift (Windows, OS X, Linux)

Oculus RiftThe Rift is another example of how Kickstarter can be the maker or breaker for some of the finest projects. However, Rift was later purchased by Facebook for $2 billion. Whilst Facebook might be thinking about the future of how we socialise and communicate, the Rift already has an impressive catalogue of games, which makes this headset one to watch.

Release date: Expected to launch in 2016.
Price tag: Expected to be £200-300.

We aren’t too far away from the VR reality headset revolution, or at least that’s what the manufactures would have us believe. It’s fairly obvious that some of the biggest companies are backing VR with lots of energy and funding, all wanting to get a market share of this new tech. You should also note that there are many other VR headsets being developed. However, Sony appear to be leading with the best option right now, that’s if you’re a gamer.

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