Platini Opposes Football Technology


If you are an admirer of football / soccer then you have probably heard the argument for technology to be introduced into the game. It is argued that by introducing technology the game would be fairer, and would help referees make the correct decisions for penalties, was it over the line and sending off decisions. Similar technology is now used in many sports including cricket, rugby and tennis.

But UEFA president Plantini has made it clear that he does not want any such technology introduced. He is quoted as saying: “In my opinion, technology isn’t good for football,” he told Spanish newspaper Marca. “Nobody (at UEFA) wants to bring it into our sport – and nor does (FIFA president Sepp) Blatter.” He then goes on to say that the new introduction of extra referees and goal line refs along with better communications are now keeping the game fair. I’m sure that supports of England won’t agree after the terrible decision from the referee against Germany.

All of this suggests that we won’t be seeing any technology introduced whilst Platini is head of UEFA. But the question will remain; should technology be introduced to football?

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