SteelSeries Diablo III Mouse Review


Okay, so if you went out and bought the Diablo III headset, I’ve got a little good news and a little bad news.  The bad news is that your electronic suit of armor just isn’t finished – from the gamer’s perspective, and even more vital weapon in the fight against evil is needed to complete your arsenal.  Let’s face it, you’re the only person at the LAN party who will not get to appreciate how cool your Diablo III headset looks because you ‘re going to be wearing it.  And now every time you glance down at your plain-Jane Logitech mouse, it will have to be with the recognition that you looks pretty lame for a warrior right about now.blank

The good news, of course, is that a hundred bucks or so can rectify this.  Pony it up, and the Steelseries Diablo III Mouse will have your back.

Yes, it’s a shameless marketing ploy, and you are paying in part for the design, but there’s actually a lot of good things to say about this mouse.  It’s larger than normal, making it easy to grip and comfortable to rest your hand on, and it’s designed as an ambidextrous peripheral without bias for right-handers.  The Diablo III’s most touted feature has to be the “ten million click” guarantee – while it’ll be some time before anyone gets around to testing the upper limits of that promise, the design is sturdy and durable-feeling as well as, aesthetically, sufficiently Diablo.  A 2-meter, unusally thick double-braided nylon cord (which doesn’t tangle or even bend unless you expend considerable effort to persuade it) and gold-plated connectors mark this device as a cut above the quotidian USB mouse.  You’ll probably notice the firey LED glowing underneath the mouse wheel, but equally remarkable are the thick rubber treads and satisfyingly “locked-in” feel of its rotation.  Seven programmable buttons and easy-to-understand software to remap them make it atypically versatile, and it goes without saying that that flexibility applies outside the world of computerized dungeons (or even just games in general) as well.

All in all, despite its branding, this is a surprisingly heavy-duty piece of hardware that anyone who punishes mice in daily use will appreciate (you know who you are).  If the manufacturer’s claims of durability are even close to accurate – and it seems as though they’re certainly plausible at this point –   you’ll probably go through enough cheapo mice that break at inopportune moments by the time you wear a Diablo III out to make the price difference somewhat of a wash.

Also, it comes in a really big box.  If you like big boxes, this is totally the mouse for you.

Rating: 9 / 10

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