Stop Sitting Down at Work: 7 Inspirational Ideas to Build Your Own Stand Up Desks


If you are the sort of person that spends the majority of their working day sat at a desk typing stuff into your computer, did you know that regardless of what your job is, it is actually better for your work – and not to mention more beneficial to your health – to stand at your desk rather than sit down at it?

Admittedly, standing at a desk isn’t for everyone, in particular those with medical complaints that require them to sit down more often than they’d like to, but if you are physically OK (and want to keep your body that way), and you want to get your work done quicker, here are 7 inspirational ideas to help you build your own stand-up desks!

Desk Topper


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Many people find it easier (and cheaper) to keep their existing desks and use something that sits on top to raise the height of where their monitor, keyboard and mouse is, such as in this desk topper example.

Cycling Desk


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You may have heard about the “cycle to work” schemes that some employers offers their staff, which enables employees to have tax-free shiny new bikes to ride between work and home. Well here is an idea that takes cycling and work to a whole new level: cycling AT work!

A stand in the example photo above props the bike up so that the gentleman shown can cycle as he works. So not only is he working, but he is also getting exercise too! I bet if you hooked up a dynamo and some other electrical equipment, the bike could even power up a phone charger or something at the same time!

Treadmill Desk


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Don’t like the idea of cycling? If so, then how about creating a treadmill desk instead! Let’s face it; many of us walk around the office on a regular basis, so it’ll be no different to doing such a physical task – apart from the fact that you will be walking and working on the same spot!

Stand-Up Desk On The Cheap


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Who said that building your own stand-up desk had to cost you lots of cash? This stand-up desk was assembled using a couple of boards of wood, two shelving racks, and a few screws. There is a guide over on the Instructables website that shows you how to make your own, and the best part is that it will only cost you about £30 or so for the material needed!

Cantilevered Stand-Up or Sit-Down Desk


Pinterest: Mr. Hagan

This awesome desk on wheels is perfect for laptop users! You can adjust the height of your workspace, and there is even space for a cup of tea!

Pallet Stand-Up Desk


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Here’s an eco-friendly way to create your own stand-up desk: use some old pallets! You can normally get them for free (people chuck them away all the time), you just need to be handy with a power tool or two, and you can create your own bespoke stand-up desk!

Shabby Chic Stand-Up Desk


Pinterest: Jessica Chen

When you have an old pair of wooden steps lying around, rather than keeping them stuffed in a cupboard under the stairs at home you could repurpose them as a free solution to creating a stand-up desk using existing executive desks, or other types of office desk for that matter!

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