The Best Apps to Help You Keep Fit and Lose Weight


Keeping fit and losing weight is something many people are doing these days, as the obesity crisis only gets worse. There are many different ways you can go about this, but one great way is to download a variety of health and fitness apps on to your smartphone. The following apps are my favourite for keeping fit and losing weight:


This is one of the greatest diet apps ever, in fact; I use it daily. It’s a great food journal, so you can easily monitor what you’re eating on a daily basis, how many calories are in the food, and the kind of ingredients used. This can help you to make better choices and calorie control your diet more. There are over 3,000,000 foods listed, and in many cases you can simply scan the barcode of a food to enter it in! You can add friends too, allowing you to diet with them. Not only that, but you can enter your water and exercise for the day too, making the app an accurate representation of how much weight you should lose by a certain time. Did I mention that it’s free? You could even use a supplement like African Mango Plus to boost your results.


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The GymBoss interval timer app is a great app to use alongside your interval training workouts. It’s a programmable timer that you can use during HIIT or cardio training. You can do Tabata workouts (my favourite), boxing, and have timed minutes in between your sets. Your workouts have never been so efficient!


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RunKeeper makes it possible to have a personal trainer for FREE. Who wouldn’t want to take a trainer with them everywhere they go? This app is the perfect solution. You can track your hikes, walks, runs, you name it. You can then see stats, your progress, distance covered, heart rate, and more!


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Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor

Heart rate monitors can be expensive, but now you can turn your mobile phone into one with the help of this app! Using your camera, the app tracks your heart beats with accuracy, whatever you may be doing. You can then see your results in a graph and store your results. Great for workouts!


This app helps you to reach your goals. Record your progress with the simple to use check in feature, and stay on track with coaching and encouragement. It’s a great little ‘lift’ when you need one!


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Sports Tracker

Your iPhone becomes one great sports tracker with this app, as you analyse your performance, share your workout stats, and even take photos of your activities to share with your friends. Keep track of your calories burned, speed, altitude, and more.


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7 Minute Workout

Some say that all you need to stay fit is a short but intense 7 minute workout every day. This app will help you put your routines together and get fit!


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Pocket Yoga

You don’t have to go to a class to enjoy Yoga – use this app instead! Set your device down in front of you, press start a practice, and the app will run you through your session.


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Get fit and have fun with these apps!

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