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  1. Google+
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  3. Path
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With a continual onslaught of Facebook scandals and user-run scams hitting news streams, one thing is becoming quite apparent – it might be high time to find a few potential replacements for the social media megalith.

While the Facebook enterprise has seemingly been able to avoid contracting “MySpace syndrome”, there’s no disputing that the platform has become increasingly bloated with undesirable elements.  For example, signing up a glut of new users isn’t a bad situation as far as the company is concerned (their stock is performing well enough), but if you’re the type of person who likes to stay well ahead of the game, as they say, you can’t simply stick with the crowd, can you?  Assuming you are read to start looking for greener social media pastures, try some of the following alternatives…


Yes, it’s received a lot of negative attention due to the fact that many Youtube users resented having the platform forcibly integrated into the streaming video mega site, but all in all, Google+ is actually rather solid.  Naturally, one of the most obvious benefits of moving over into Google’s territory is access to their suite of amazing services, many of which are offered totally free to users.  In other words, if you’re already an avid gmail user then simply going the route of Google+ in the social media domain makes perfect sense.  Moreover, since G+ has a sort of almost “sinister” sort of reputation, you can humorously comment to friends that you’ve “joined the Dark side”.


Where Facebook might me more focused on commentary and conversations, Instagram (which was developed by Facebook Inc.) is more centered on photos and visuals.  Of course that’s not the only thing you can do with the site, of course.  Video sharing is also popular as is linking one’s Instagram account with their current Facebook destination.  One of the most highly-lauded aspects of IG is its somewhat stripped-down, friendly and highly useful interface.  Lots of people particularly seem to love the free app too, which is available for both Apple as well as Android devices.


Founded in 2010, Path is a very mobile-centric social media purveyor which more or less caters to users who tend to use such networks in a more private context.  In other words, while you can use your Path account to connect to FB and Twitter, its true purpose is to help you stay connected to your inner circle of friends and family.  Think of it as a sort of multi-purpose, multi-media bulletin board which everyone you like has access to.  Best of all, it’s currently ad-free.


As much a “visual discovery tool” as it is a social networking site, Pinterest is perhaps the most visually-oriented platform out there.  Your board, or shared collection, allows you to not only organize your own projects and endeavors better, it also affords the opportunity to link up directly with many others who might contribute to or otherwise help promote your activities.

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