The Best Poker Video Games Ever Released


Despite the fact that poker is very comfortable in the embrace of the video game format, very few developers have taken to the task of exploring the inherent potential there.  Sure, many have taken to creating oodles of video poker offerings, but those are quite different from games which seek to imbue the basic experience of actual card playing / gambling.  Moreover, there’s the issue of whether you’re playing against real opponents or A.I.’s – and with modern multiplayer gaming being all the rage it’s obvious to question why there aren’t more current poker titles out there as well. Needless to say, many of the better games which are able to offer up a more traditional poker experience in a virtual format are older titles which were designed for consoles that have long since been retired from public duty.   Having said that…with the retro video gaming movement in full swing, a lot of players are going back to explore these titles from the past, many of them discovering wonderful gameplay and loads of potential.  Some like to play for real, bingo online of landmarkbingo is a typical example of what an online games provider can offer. But for those who just want to do it for pure enjoyment without the involvement of real money, this article is for you! Anyway, here are (probably) the best poker video games ever released…

Governor of Poker

“Governor of Poker” is a PC only card gambling game which not only offers up some great poker action, replete with vicious card sharks, but also integrates a bit of RPG majesty to the mix.  The premise is of course, ridiculous and cornball, but nevertheless it remains fun.  You basically are poised to enter a tournament where you’ll be able to win people’s staked properties in an effort to become the, you guessed it…governor of Texas.  Aside from the great top down visuals which presents a bird’s eye view of the action (as well as your opponent’s cowboy hats) you can also actually manage your properties, which is something you don’t often find in a game of this type.  Graphically speaking, it looks ok, but the real treat is the AI, which according to some players, is still some of the best they’ve ever encountered where poker video gaming is concerned.  In short, there’s a reason that this title remains a fan favorite amongst a certain crowd.

Tournament Poker: No Limit Texas Hold’em

Eagle Games’ “Tournament Poker: No Limit Texas Hold’em” has remained a fan fav simply because it was one of the earlier PC releases to actually teach and train you for actual play, rather than simply inundate you in a virtual experience for the sheer sake of it.  Lots of people have actually learned to hone their skills with this title, probably because the computer actually tracks your abilities and then seeks to create opponents that will actually challenge you.  Moreover, if you’re getting stomped you can activate the cheat options and turn the tables.

World Series Of Poker 2008: Battle for the Bracelets

Some might object to this game’s inclusion on this list simply because it isn’t particularly rated highly by everyone.  In short, there’s a good reason for that – it was one of the first poker-centric titles to be released across many different platforms, thereby opening the door to greater exposure for the sport itself.

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