Here’s 5 High Storage USB Sticks


The benefits of USB sticks, pen drives, flash drives or whatever you want to call them are many and varied.  The devices have been around long enough that it’s not worth spending too much time telling you about their benefits as you probably already know, but they’re portable, aren’t they, which is useful, and they can (usually) hold a lot of data so they’re good if you want to transport photos or video between devices.  Oh, another one – they’re pretty compact.

Okay, we get the message, USB sticks (which I’m going to call them for the rest of this article) are useful.  Given that the actual size of the device doesn’t really change that much either, you’re always best off getting the USB stick with the largest amount of storage on that you can afford.  So, here’s a quick look at 5 high capacity USB sticks (64GB and up) for your perusal and approval.

MyMemory 64GB Hi-Speed USB stick

For around just £16 of your finest British pounds, you could do a lot worse than invest in the MyMemory 64GB Hi-Speed USB stick.  It provides excellent value for money and, according to one review I found it may even survive a spin in your washing machine.  Don’t do that, though, and complain to me if it doesn’t work, okay?  Please?  Anyway, other features it comes with include the ability to use it as a recording device with a Samsung TV, and it has a fast write speed.  For the price, this really does appear to be a winner.

Verbatim 64GB PinStripe Store’n’Go

Another 64GB offering, it’s worth considering the Verbatim 64GB PinStripe Store’n’Go, which retails at around £18.  It’s slightly chunkier than the MyMemory which may or may not bother you.  However, it does seem to provide a decent level of storage, speed and reliability for the price, and also features a handy push and pull sliding feature, which can protect the USB connection when it’s not in use.  Another reasonably priced, well-built offering.

Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate 3.0 G3

A slightly more expensive 64GB product is the Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate 3.0 G3.  It has a stylish design, and there is no cap to lose as it features a slide-close mechanism.  It offers speedy performance and is compatible with both USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports.  Like the PinStripe mentioned above it is slightly chunky so it’s down to personal preference as to whether this is a good or bad thing.  It performs well, however, and may well be worth the investment of around £32 (full price – offers may well be available if you shop around).

GRIXX 128 GB USB stick

Increasing the storage size now, let’s look at a couple of 128GB offerings.  First up, for around £30 you could become the proud owner of a GRIXX 128 GB USB stick.  It comes with an LED light which lights up when the stick is in use, and a protective cap which, if you don’t lose it in the first few days (which I inevitably would) would provide useful protection for the connection.  For the amount of capacity you get, this really does give good value for money.  The price may imply that you’re not getting a top spec product, but if reliability and decent quality suit you, then have a look at this as it’s not going to break your bank.

MyMemory 128GB USB stick

Finally, the MyMemory 128GB USB stick is fast, reliable and is another well-priced offering at around £36.  The casing may not be the most robust, but when you consider the amount of storage space you get for the price, this is probably a small quibble.  Another small quibble is the same as mentioned above, in that you’ll need to take care of the extra cap to protect the connection, but again, just weigh up the quibbles with the cost.

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