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Mobile phones have evolved over the years to be so much more than a device to make a voice call. With the addition of the internet, their capabilities have increased to including the popular activity of gaming. Some phones are more equipped to be a gaming phone whether it’s a complex graphics game like Grand theft Auto or a simple casino game you can find at such as roulette.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

With its 5.7 inch display screen, this device is almost in the phablet category. For gamers, the display screen is perhaps on the most appealing features as it also has crisp and colourful graphics. However, you get what you pay for and the price tag is on the higher end.


A little less expensive with an equally large display, the G5’s measures 5.6 inches. The standard today for a gaming phone needs a display screen of at least 5 inches, typically more.  Expect the G5 also to feature a long battery life.

HTC One M10

For gamers who don’t need a high end name brand phone and prefer a less expensive price, the M10 is ideal. The M10 has 4 GB of RAM along with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 812 processor. No one wants to experience dreaded lagging in the middle of a casino game like roulette. No worries with the M10!

IPhone 7

Due to be out in September, this is the best gaming phone from Apple. With a larger display screen due to the design being edge to edge, the phone also has a faster processor.

Samsung Galaxy S7

The first phone to be water resistant, the S7 is durable for gaming on the go. The RAM is 4 GB which is the best you can find anywhere.

These five phones would all make excellent gaming phones. However, the G5 might be the best choice. It’s less expensive than the iPhone and S7 but offers features gamers want.

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