Using Tech to Build a Relaxation Room


Everyone has something different in mind when it comes to relaxation. Each person has their own idea of what it means to be in a completely relaxing environment and do something that helps you get rid of all the stress and exhaustion accumulated throughout the day. But while there might be a lot of individualities, there are also things most people can agree upon as being relaxing in nature, such as reading a good book or just listening to some good music. Today, tech can play a large role in how you create a room that revolves completely around relaxation. Here’s what you’ll going to need:

A speaker pillow

Forget the headphones. No matter how high quality they are, they probably hinder you from taking your preferred sleeping or lying in bed position. Try using a speaker pillow. These are special pillows that have a built-in speaker. This lets you play your favorite audio content while comfortably relaxing in bed.

You get the intimate experience of a good pair of headphones, but coupled with the physical freedom of a pair of speakers.  The problem with speakers is that the sound fills the room and that makes it quite counterproductive when it comes to building a relaxing environment. If you want to listen to a good audiobook, a speaker pillow will make the narrator sound as they were softly whispering into your ear.

A projector

Counting sheep is still the best way of falling asleep, but you should really try the modern version. Investing in a projector is great because it doesn’t strain your eyes as much as a computer or TV screen. The other benefit of using a projector is that you can aim it at your ceiling, so you can adopt a perfectly horizontal position, putting no strain whatsoever on your neck muscles. The only thing left is choosing some relaxing content to watch, or maybe even listen to, like a fascinating documentary for example. It ties in great with the speaker pillow.

A wireless control keyboard

You can find wireless keyboards that come with their own trackpad as well as a slew of other commands on the top row of buttons. These are great for when you want to issue commands to your computer remotely. You will need one of these to complete the cycle and make sure that you never have to get up to change something. Want to listen to another album or maybe rewind the last chapter of that audiobook? Just use the wireless keyboard instead of getting up and ruining your Zen.

A great room

Don’t be afraid of ditching your bedroom for a better room. If you have a spare room in your home that has better lighting, or is farther away from a source of loud noise, it could be great for turning it into your “peace and quiet space”. When it comes to creating a serene environment you can expect that the actual environment is an important element. Your WiFi signal doesn’t reach the room? Just use a youtube converter and download what you want to watch or listen to on your laptop or media player. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Having the sun barely creep in through a small space in the curtains and gently brush your face as you listen to your favorite album can be really relaxing.

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