Wearable Technology: Is it Good Enough for Gaming?


It’s safe to say that after their initial launch, wearable technology left a slightly bitter taste in the mouth of many consumers. Thankfully, after the less than enthusiastic reception of the Google Glass device, we have seen huge leaps and bounds in the industry and the public is beginning to take notice.

Since that time, major brands like LG, Sony, HTC, and Samsung have released their own wearable devices as well. In addition, there have been some major tweaks to the world of virtually reality headsets and the Apple Watch has also begun to explore the functionality level of these devices.

apple watch

Smartwatches are mainly used for activity tracking, checking emails, answering phone calls, or updating social media profiles. But, this is just the beginning as many gaming giants are now altering their products so that they can be accessed using smartwatches.

Before we continue, it’s important to note that there is still some progress to be made with wearable technology for these devices to reach their full potential. But, the progress that has been made is quite promising and has resulted in the biggest names in the industry making significant investments in the future of this technology.

It all began with smartphones, these popular mobile devices have helped to pave the way for wearable technology because of their powerful and fast, but smaller, mobile processors. They also gave users the ability to access the Internet from their phones and helped give birth to the modern day app.

Regardless if you are updating your Facebook profile while on the road, playing blackjack at an online casino, playing Angry Birds, etc. apps are as popular as ever.

Seeing this significant rise in popularity, the developers for popular online gaming software giant Microgaming were quick to adapt to mobile technology, giving betting fans the ability to play their favorite games from wherever they happened to be. The company which produces games for the most popular names in the industry was and continues to be on the forefront of online gaming technology. They’ve even crafted the first ever five-reel smartwatch slot games app, making it only a matter of time before more of the same will become more accessible through wearable technology.

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As of right now, experts are not 100% sure of the future of smartwatch gaming, considering their current level of functionality and small screen sizes of the current devices. But, with many companies investing in the future of this type of technology, there are many reasons why smartwatch gaming will revolutionize the industry within the next few years.

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