What Equipment Do You Need To Set Up a Home Movie Theatre?


If we only get to live once, I am glad I was born here and now. We, in rich countries, live in the lap of luxury compared to many people around the world and often we take it all for granted. The medical advances for one, which are free here in Britain (for now at least), are beyond the comprehension of a mere mortal. Perhaps the biggest inventions, which directly affect the masses, are the communication and entertainment technology, which have fallen within the price range most people can afford.

Entertainment systems in the home contribute billions to the world’s economies, and it is not surprising, since we can now watch movies in greater detail than ever before, and listen to soundtracks with crystal clarity.

If you are thinking of setting up your own home cinema and are unsure what you are going to need then read on. Here is how to set up your own home movie theatre.


You have a choice here of a big screen television or, if you intend to stream Jai Ho or other movies from the internet, you may choose to use a digital projector connected to a computer. These projectors are far cheaper now than they were five years ago and give fantastic clarity if they have a good wall, or screen, to project onto. If buying a television for your movie experience, it should be a full HD model. This means that it will have the maximum 1080 lines for the best HD players and image clarity.


Where are your movies located? The very best high definition movies are found on Blu-Ray discs, so it is advisable to buy a player for them. These players will also play ordinary DVDs, so they are good value for money.

An AV receiver will have inputs for lots of different devices that may be storing your movies. Obviously movies can be stored on the computer, but now portable hard drives and solid-state memory sticks are more popular than ever and come with masses of storage space. Applications that can be downloaded will easily rip any movie from disc onto a digital storage device in a short time. The encryption of the movies is easily cracked. This process is illegal, and I would never endorse it. Many people, however, find it is a great way to store their movie library.

If you can afford it, it is a good idea to subscribe to a satellite service that has HD movie channels as part of the package. You never know, they may be showing your ideal movie. These packages often allow you to download and watch movies from their library too.


Movies that come on disc will have a 5.1 soundtrack and sometimes a DTS soundtrack. Home theatre amplifiers are on the market today that will play both formats. An optical lead will need to be connected between the amplifier and the player so that the digital soundtrack can be transferred. Then, armed with five speakers and a subwoofer, the full movie experience can be enjoyed with window-rattling bass.

As a finishing touch, consider some noise cancelling features in the room such as heavy curtains and cushions. These help to absorb sound, so it doesn’t escape and drive your neighbours mad. Home cinema systems are quickly becoming the scourge of suburbia and the cause of many neighbourly arguments.

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