Your Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Gaming Mouse


Whilst consoles are designed to be used with a control pad, one of the best tools for a PC gamer is a quality mouse. Of course, you can also use a game pad with a PC, and even use a mouse with a gaming console, but a mouse is definitely a big part of PC gaming. Let’s quickly go over a few tips before we look at the best options.

Which type of games do you play the most?

It’s important to identify which genre of games you play the most, as the mouse you buy will be trailed towards this. For example, if you love racing games, then my advice would be to get a gamepad instead. On the other hand, a good gaming mouse is perfect for RPG and strategy titles.

What’s your budget?

Now it’s time to consider the amount you’re prepared to pay. You’ll probably be pleased to read that you can pick up a fantastic performing mouse for less than $100.

Tip: Don’t get a wireless mouse. You’ll have possible lag (delayed reactions) which is something you want to avoid like the plague when gaming.

With that initial advice out of the way, let’s explore the best options which are sure to improve your PC gaming experience…

Logitech G502 Proteus Core

Logitech G502 Proteus CoreLogitech is one of the best brands when it comes to mouses and keyboards. Instantly you’ll realise that this mouse doesn’t just perform amazingly well, but it looks stunning too. That’s right, it’s a great looking mouse that’s easy to operate. You can make the logo throb with its blue illuminated colour. The customisation options allow you to work exactly as you want it – you aren’t restricted by specific settings. In fact, the software allows you to alter and fine tune everything to do with it. The various buttons allow you to allocate speedy access to desired locations. The weight can be altered to make it lighter or heavier. If your budget can reach to $80, then this should be your first consideration. It excels in every area, from design and apperance to features.

Logitech G300s Optical Gaming Mouse

Logitech G300s Optical Gaming MouseSecond on this list is another Logitech offering, and as its name suggests, it’s designed specifically for gamers. What does this mean? You have access to 9 controls, all of which are programmable. Its shape is designed in such a way that it feels really comfortable when playing any game – quick movements or slow, it performs well. The software helps to simplify configuring the mouse to your ideal specifications. Not quite as good looking as the G502 and not quite as many options, but never the less, this mouse is fantastic for the majority of gamers. What’s more, you can get it for around $40.

Razer DeathAdder Chroma

Razer DeathAdder ChromaIf you want a mouse that performs well but doesn’t have loads of buttons, which is sure to confuse some users, then this is the purchase for you. It looks like your typical mouse, with some added style. Its 10,000dpi optical sensor is what guarantees precise accuracy and performance. You can change the colour glow of the logo and scroll wheel, allowing you to literally pimp out your mouse – a nice extra. With just a couple of buttons, this mouse is simpler than the previous options, but has less customisation features. If you’re after a fantastic mouse with as little confusion as possible, then go ahead with this mouse.

With many options available, you won’t go wrong with any of those featured above.

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