5 Reasons to Upgrade To A Gaming Computer


The face of technology is ever changing nowadays, especially within the games industry. Every couple of years new consoles are released, promising to deliver the most immersive gaming experience. Whilst that may sound appealing, serious gamers have been waiting for everyone else to catch up. With a huge range of options, is there any reason why you shouldn’t be PC gaming? Have a look at some of the perks and decide for yourself!

Better Controls

You remember how fiddly analogue stick were when we first got them, right? We thought we’d never move from a D-Pad, but here we are. The precision that comes from a mouse and keyboard, albeit less compact, feels like a similar jump. Skeptics – don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it! You’ll wonder how you went without for so long.

True Hi-Def Experience

1080p resolution is quite a recent development within console gaming, despite the fact PC advocates have had it for years. In fact, many modern PCs will likely outshine any visuals you get from your TV at the moment.

More Power

With PC gaming, it’s super-easy to make your machine even better on a regular basis. Even with a less capable computer, things like graphic cards and RAM never stay pricey for too long. Games are also run a lot better – with more memory and storage, your PC is only limited by how much money you put into it. Whilst America and Japan are leading the pack, many other places seem to be cottoning on, with amazing gaming computers in Canada and Europe being built daily.

Infinite Possibilities – New & Old

The access you have to games with PCs is insane! Lacking the huge publishing costs of their console counterparts, PC games are not only cheap, but can also be played remotely (i.e. Steam). Fancy some arcade fun? Track down a copy of one of the thousands of old titles available as ‘Abandonware.’ A lot of fan service goes on within PC gaming too – old, forgotten title are worked on even with the absence of the original developers, whilst mods let gamers take their favourite titles apart and add a new twist.

Flexible and Free Online

Xbox Live is great, don’t get me wrong, but the subscription charges can be off putting, especially when you can get it for free. And if your console server goes down – then what? Being a PC gamer means you’re never tied into one network, so you can always hop over to another if performance is a problem.

Steam PC Gaming

While I can imagine that consoles will always be around to provide great entertainment for the masses, a PC setup not only provides more power, but more flexibility all round. The fact is, you can order your PC with all the right components to run the games you like – making it the perfect system for your needs straight out of the box.

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