6 iPhone and iPad Apps to Learn Italian


If you are looking to learn Italian, your iPad or iPhone can be a particularly useful tool. Forget textbooks, dvd’s and cd’s, using your Apple product is the easiest way to go about speaking a foreign tongue. Here, we take a look at 6 iPhone and iPad apps to help you learn how to speak Italian. You’ll be ordering your pizza in no time!

Beginner Italian for iPad

This app is designed specifically for an iPad, so best only go ahead and purchase if you own one. You are immersed into learning Italian with 25 lessons designed for beginners. This app comes with various great features, but my favourite is the “tone of voice” feature that allows you to change voices around and hear what different words sound like when spoken by different individuals. This app is a great starter for newbies and very effective.

uTalk HD Italian

If like me, you come very unprepared, then this is a great app for you. Learn the basics of the Italian language quick as a flash. The use of images and lesson plans are effective and help you learn the basics faster than you can say buon giorno. Use the recorder to perfect your Italian accent, and take the quizzes to keep on track of your learning.

Basic Italian Audio Flashcard Lessons

This app uses the medium of virtual flashcards to help you learn Italian. You’ll learn how to greet the locals, order your favourite food, jobs, and how to talk about your family and ask about others family. Take advantage of the integrated quizzes too, and you’ll know how far you are coming along.

AccelaStudy Italian

This is another great app for learning the language in a short period of time. Not only is it a great price (expect to spend around a tenner), it’s won actual awards (not oscars or anything but still). Perfect for that last minute holiday!

WordPower Italian

WordPower Italian will do just what it says on the tin: give your words power…in Italian. You’ll learn common sayings and phrases on this app, around 2000 of them. Your head will be brimming with lots of lovely Italian words. This is also a good app for learning how to read Italian. A great app to start out with.

24/7 Tutor – Italian 101

This app is like having a tiny iPhone sized Italian man teaching you Italian, whenever you need him. Learn slightly more advanced Italian with this app, great for if you’ve already nailed the basics. Its a bargain app (around £8) with loads of features, including quizzes and puzzles. You won’t find another tutor cheaper than this one!


Learning a language is made so easy with these iPhone and iPad apps. If you put in the time and effort, you’ll be having full blown conversations with locals in just months. Learning a second (third, even fourth) language can open so many doors and windows of opportunity. Your house might get a bit cold, but you’ll be an Italian speaking pro.

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