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While most people might be satisfied with the built-in camera that’s included on their smartphone, the photographically-minded require something more substantial.  If you’re a very visual individual who spends most of their time (professionally or recreationally) snapping photos and images nothing short of a high-quality digital camera will suffice.  Moreover, some of the newer models actually incorporate features which allow you to pull off some truly amazing shots.  Speaking of which, the latter portion of 2014 is poised to be a great year for cameras; here are a few rumored emergent models to whet your appetite with…

Fujifilm X200

According to recently leaked information, Fujifilm’s fabled X200 camera is actually set for a late 2014 release, much to the delight of users everywhere.  Assuming that all the specs are accurate, this particular model will be one of the most desirable on the market.  Suspected features include: a fixed lens, tilting LCD screen, much improved EVF, a broader phase detection area, faster AF as well as a 24MP full-frame X-Trans sensor.   In short, this camera will be a complete upgrade over Fujifilm’s X100 series and if all the talk is true, it might also end up becoming one of the most popular models out there.

Sony’s NEX 7 successor

Currently, no one (aside from insiders, of course) knows exactly what Sony is going to follow up their successful NEX 6 and NEX 7 models with, nor do we have any specific product name to hand down.  All we have heard so far is that this mythical Sony camera will improve on the NEX 6 and 7’s overall image quality, have a faster AF system and imaging processor, as well as an even better EVF.

For those with an interest in what Sony currently has to offer, they just recently released the wonderful A6000, which is for all intents and purposes an excellent camera.  For instance, this model features an updated Hybrid AF system as well as additional phase-detect points offering 92% coverage. The fun doesn’t end there though, add to that the new Bionz X processor (which can reportedly capture 11 fps including subject tracking) and you have a model capable of delivering everything you need and more.

Panasonic wearable 4k camera

Lastly, we come to Panasonic’s awesome wearable 4k camera, which currently looks similar to the HX-A100, according to shots of its CES show prototype.  The awesome thing about this camera is that it can stream in 4k resolution and can also be worn on the body, allowing a person to capture ultra-high def video.  Panasonic is rather tight-lipped on the specifics, but it’s rumored that a late 2014 release is currently in the works.

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