Awesome Smartphones Which Are Coming Your Way Soon


Certainly no one is disputing the fact that there are some truly great smartphone models out there right now which can be picked up for next to nothing.  But what could be more interesting than peering into the future to see what’s on the way?  Likewise, if you’re the type of person who prefers to stay on the cutting edge of consumer technology it’s always a good idea to keep those eyes and ears open to emerging news, if for no other reason than to plan for future purchases.  Regardless of the reason, the following smartphones are coming soon and each one is bringing something unique to the table…

The iPhone 6

Let’s be honest, any information surrounding the impending release of any flagship Apple product is big news for most people.  Whether or not it’s just that there are an incredible number of devout iPhone fans out there or Apple’s stuff really is just better than most anything else on the market, the popularity of the brand cannot be denied.  Currently, it’s believed that the illustrious iPhone 6 is headed our way in late 2014 (perhaps November or December), but there are no specific confirmations at hand as of yet.  At any rate, expect to see this year’s new model jam-packed with an abundance of features and perhaps even a larger screen.

HTC One (the new one)

Some time in late March we are supposed to receive confirmation of HTC’s new One, the 2014 model, which is going to be a great year for the company, apparently.  This newly-designed smartphone is not only very powerful with some great hardware, it’s also very attractive-looking and will feature a fairly large 5” display.  If you’ve been waiting to spring a purchase on any HTC device, this year might be the time to begin looking at what they have to offer smartphone users.

Samsung Galaxy S5

If you’re an owner of a Galaxy S4, which was released last year, you might not be too eager to trade up for a new model.  However, the upcoming Galaxy S5 (which is supposed to be released in April) will make some improvements over its predecessor.  For instance, there are some distinctive upgrades to the camera, hardware as well as some functional cosmetic alterations.  Of course they’re also including a fingerprint scanner and heart monitor, which the truly geeky will no doubt find uses for.  Minor alterations to the GIU also implies that general navigation on the device has been dramatically improved as well.

Sony Xperia Z2

With the Xperia Z1 just half a year old it’s somewhat surprising that Sony would be pushing so hard to release yet another model so soon.  Don’t get the wrong idea though, this isn’t some gimmick, but an attempt to upgrade or add to its predecessor’s best features.  First off, the screen has been slightly enlarged and power usage has been reworked so as to allow for a longer battery life.  In terms of the display itself, new technologies like Live Colour LED are improving the overall visual quality for the Xperia Z2.  Last but not least, the speakers have been repositioned to the front of the unit and the inclusion of several new audio engines allows you to truly fine-tune everything.

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