Apple is joining Mark Zuckerberg in the virtual world by announcing its plans to introduce a virtual reality headset


Apple has already come up with a number of augmented reality applications for its iPhones and iPads that enable people to project virtual images and effects on top of the actual environment.

Apple is likely to launch a virtual reality headset in the upcoming months, as uncovered by Bloomberg. This project has been in the making for a long time, as the tech giant searches for its next major invention after the success of the iPhone. This will be compared to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s mission to switch the company to “Meta” and invest billions in metaverse technology research. In October, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook expressed his doubt about the average person’s understanding of the concept of “metaverse”, and the company typically stays quiet about any upcoming product launches.

It is suspected that the headset from Apple may resemble ski goggles and give its users the experience of “mixed reality”, which is a combination of both augmented and virtual reality. Updates indicate that the device has been postponed until the spring, and will include a belt-worn battery pack to make it less heavy than similar products from other businesses. Developers have had a look at the headset, which will run on a new operating system known as xrOS. It is speculated that the headset may be called the Reality Pro and will be available for purchase in 2023.

Analyst Ming Chi-Kuo of TF Securities believes that Apple’s progress on the headset is behind schedule, which could cause the product to be revealed later than January. While the Metaverse project from Facebook has been met with doubt, its virtual reality headsets have been well-received by tech enthusiasts, though the social network, Horizon Worlds, has seen limited interest. Apple has previously released many augmented reality tools for its iPhone and iPad devices.

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