Dance Central 3 Review


The Dance Central series has been getting immobile gaming gluttons to jump up and boogie down for a few years now.  Seriously, who doesn’t like to “bust a move” now and then?  Now that we actually have a franchise that’s dedicated specifically to dancing which perfectly utilized the Kinect, even the most timid and shy couch potato can express themselves in a physical way (your friends might still make fun of your moves though).


So what’s new in Dance Central 3, you ask?  Well, given that the first 2 releases were such big mainstream successes, it would be somewhat crazy to screw around with a winning formula.  In other words, DC3 is very similar to the initial outings, only this time there are new routines, music and gameplay modes.  Of particular note is the “throwdown mode” which allows teams of players to compete in a head-to-head manner.


While the visuals in Dance Central 3 are superb and the characters’ animated movements are nothing short of spectacular, the biggest selling point of this title has got to be the music.  There are plenty of modern selections to keep the ‘trendier’ among us satisfied, but there are also tunes from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s.   It’s interesting that the game developers took this particular route in lieu of simply releasing a game featuring the latest top 40 hits; in this way, gamers also become exposed to some great music from another time along with some cool moves.


The gameplay in DC3 is largely unchanged from previous entries, and it still prominently features the Kinect motion controller (which transforms your body into a controller).  Of course there are new moves and routines, but no real surprises to speak of as far as gameplay is concerned.  For those that aren’t familiar, Dance Central is known for incorporating a very smooth tracking system in its overall design.

The truth is that everything won’t perfectly translate during a session, but it will be at least 95%-99% accurate.  Having said that, most gamers probably won’t even realize that there are minute problems because they’ll be too busy either having a blast or trying to keep up with the frantic on-screen action.


While most might be inclined to think that the Dance Central series appeals mostly to female gamers or youngsters, nothing could be further from the truth.  You could take the most brazenly masculine FPS addicts, lock them in a room with Dance Central 3, and come back in an hour and they’ll be having a blast.  Simply put, DC3 is “fun on a bun”, and it’s guaranteed to get you on your feet.  This game comes highly recommended for players of all ages (especially those who own a Kinect or may be thinking of purchasing one in the near future).

Rating – 9 / 10

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