Moshi Monsters – Moshlings Theme Park Review


blank“Moshlings Theme Park” is the second Moshi Monsters game to hit the DS, the first of which was an enormous success.   This most recent outing gives Nintendo DS gamers everything they liked about the original and more; it’s a wonderfully fun title that seems to be designed with youngsters in mind.

In terms of a storyline, “Moshlings Theme Park” is a continuation of the original Moshi Monsters game “Moshlings Zoo”.  Basically, your goal is to take your Moshlings on a journey to an amusement park.  But don’t get the wrong idea; it’s not going to be so simple; you’re going to need to rescue your monsters and power up the theme park itself.    Likewise, as you might expect, there will be plenty of mini games for you to complete as well.


While there’s not an extreme difference between the first and second games in the series as far as graphics are concerned, it is slightly noticeable.  All-in-all this is a very colorful game that exhibits an exuberant style which is both animated and infectious.  There seems to be more variety in terms of level design in “MM: MTP”, which is always welcome.  The bottom line is that the developers have done an excellent job of maintaining the overall style of the first game while finding new ways to update and expand upon that winning formula.


As far as gameplay is concerned, “Moshlings Theme Park” is a great example of what a light-hearted platformer should try to achieve.   Sure, the controls are simple and there is a somewhat limited amount of interactivity taking place, but the mechanics are rock-solid and the gameplay, surprisingly deep.  In other words, this isn’t necessarily a “skill-based” game so much as it is a journey.


Well, perhaps journey is the wrong term, more like “mission”.  In a nutshell, you’ll explore worlds, build attractions and free your compatriots from the grip of their captors (no surprises there).


If you have kids who own a DS you’re probably already well aware of this game and have no doubt been asked to purchase it for them already (probably multiple times).  Well, to make a long story short, you shouldn’t hesitate to pick this one up.  Not only is this game fun, colorful and exciting…just the kind of thing that children really enjoy, it’s also decidedly non-violent and positive, which are attributes that are becoming an increasingly difficult to find in most games these days.

Rating – 9 / 10

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