Justin.tv Owner starts again using Snapchat


Justin Kan, original co-founder of Twitch.tv and Justin.tv, is ready to make a return by showcasing his life using the Snapchat platform. For those hoping for a re-launch of Kan’s video broadcasting portal, Justin.tv, you’ll probably be somewhat disappointed. That’s because he doesn’t have any current plans to bring the website back to life.


Whilst Justin.tv set the foundations for the entrepreneur’s future, it was the sale of his live game streaming platform, Twitch.tv, which gave him the fame he has today. Justin.tv began back in 2007 and allowed users to broadcast video online. However, Justin himself was a 247 life caster – and that’s how the site originally started. As his focus moved on to Twitch.tv, Justin.tv was later shutdown in 2014.

Justin’s Snapchat Story channel will cover things such as travel, start-ups and entrepreneurship. In other words, it’s a modern solution as to what Justin.tv was originally designed for – allowing someone to showcase the life they live.

As you can see by his Tweet, Justin is also looking to hire people who can help inspire his new Snapchat Story venture.

Could this mean that Justin is ready to re-launch Justin.tv as an exciting new broadcasting portal? Probably not, for at least now. However, this could be the beginning of a journey which ultimately does result in an exciting new JTV. For those in the live steaming world, this is likely to be treated as somewhat exciting.

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