Samsung S7 vs. iPhone 7: 5 Things we Hope to See


The smartphone has evolved to become more than just a way of communication. We are able to use it in a variety of different ways, from entertainment and navigation to taking the perfect photo. What seems to be true is that Samsung and Apple are now the two key players within the smartphone market. But, what features might we see? This article takes a look at 5 areas that would definitely grab the attention of the next wave of buyers.

Amazing Battery Life

It seems as though we have reached a point where everything is advancing, but one thing that hasn’t changed much is how long you’re able to use your smartphone before the battery dies. We’ve seen screen resolutions increase, camera quality resolution vastly improve, but the battery? It’s doing nothing more than keeping up with the increased tech powering the phone. What we want is a battery which can last for days, or in an ideal world, weeks or months (let’s take one step at a time, though). After all, this would be seen as a real advancement.

Micro SD Support

Having this feature was once considered a staple when buying the latest Samsung smartphone. However, this all changed with the release of S6 – mainly due to the new design. But, rumours suggest that Micro SD will, once again, make a return with the S7. Might we also see the same included with Apple’s iPhone 7? It’s definitely something we shouldn’t rule out and something many fans desire.

Refresh the Designs

It seems to have become somewhat of a fashion statement, after all, when spending large amounts of money, you want more than just a simple looking device. For this reason, the race is on to make the most stunning looking smartphone whilst also considering the tech. Apple were always ahead in this department, but this changed last year – there is little difference in style between the S6 and iPhone 6. Whatever happens, expect both the S7 and iPhone 7 to be premium.

Stronger Durability

People are clumsy and smartphones are delicate, what a disastrous combination, right? The amount of people I’ve seen with cracked screens is quite shocking. Can either of the two giants introduce new technology that will help prevent these annoying events from happening? Hopefully. Also coined as anti-falling tech, your smartphone would realise it was about to fall down to the ground and would smartly protect itself – at least that’s the concept. Of course, it will happen at some point, but could it be this year? Maybe. It’s sure to be a feature wanted for those who love to go out at the weekend partying, right?

Borderless screen

This might not compute well with some of the other mentions within this article, but it’s sure to be an exciting new possibility. In fact, we’ve gradually been moving towards this, with constant trims, we’re just millimetres away. We’d sooner have many other features, but this is sure to tick the box of premium – something either device will be. Talking of the screen, having 2K resolution would be another hopeful inclusion.

What features are you hoping to hear about with the upcoming announcements?  Be sure to leave your comments down below.

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