Solar Powered Cars The Future Hit Trend


Technology is taking great strides and this is especially noticeable in the automotive industry. Driving in the future is about to take a new twist for the better for both consumers and the environment. After a huge success with solar-powered homes, engineers are in the process of making the dream of solar powered cars come true. Solar-powered vehicles will definitely change our lives and we will never have to worry about budgeting for gasoline or fuel.

The car converts energy from the sun using solar panels into electricity to power the vehicle. There is no combustion, therefore, zero carbon emissions take place. To this day there are few solar powered cars that have made the future of solar-powered cars look real. Examples of solar powered cars include Violet, Berkeley, and MIT solar car. Violet is a solar-powered race car that recently travelled thousands of kilometres across Australia. The solar car is a product of students from the University of New South Wales.

Violet is equipped with a number of solar panels that enables it to travel a long distance compared to other generations of solar-powered cars. It has solar panels on its roof and bonnet to power its batteries. This car can travel for 800km using power from its solar panels and an extra 400km using power from the batteries. Violet has a top speed of 130 km per hour.

It seems like solar-powered cars will in the near future compete with gasoline cars or maybe gain a large market share. Just like online casinos in australia are taking over from brick and mortar casinos. Solar-powered cars have many advantages compared to vehicles we are currently using. The first benefit to the user is that it reduces the operating costs in terms of gasoline or fuel, solar energy is absolutely free. Solar-powered engines do not emit dangerous gases that cause damage the ozone.

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