TalkTalk Experience Cyber Attack


TalkTalk is a British company which has grown to become a popular choice for those looking at budget broadband and phone packages. However, the company took a huge hit yesterday due to an un-presented cyber-attack – at least that’s how the TalkTalk founder described it.

The company has explained that they are use to online attacks, just as any other major website or company. However, TalkTalk claim this was more than that, and a hijacking, meaning they, the attackers now have possible customer data details such as credit card details and more.

Whilst this seems to be an ever occurring event, one analyst has described this as a basic type of attack which TalkTalk should have easily prevented.

According to news reports, TalkTalk has received a ransom, and whilst details are still patchy it’s something they’re taking seriously.

WatchdogWhatever the case, TalkTalk are set to lose many customers whom consider this attack as preventable and simply unacceptable. Expect BBC’s Watchdog programme to feature this in more detail, after all, there is nothing more appropriate for them to cover than this right now – that’s because up to 4 million people could be effected.

Useful Notes…

  • Noticed unexpected transactions? Report any strange activity on your accounts to your bank and the UK’s national fraud and internet crime reporting agency Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or
  • TalkTalk claim they will offer all customers free credit reporting to help track any strange activity on their accounts.
  • TalkTalk have opened criminal investigations and are continuing to work with the appropriate British cybercrime agencies.
  • TalkTalk is advising customers to change their account password as soon as its website is back up and running – expected to be later on Friday – and any other accounts for which you use the same password
  • Expect an email in your inbox from TalkTalk, but ignore any calls you get, as they are likely to be scammers attempting to grab further details from you.
  • Possible link to terrorist groups.
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