Travel Drones – The future of Transportation?


Drones have become a useful tool and are now gradually having a purpose in a variety of different areas. Of course, they’re used as a military option – and that’s perhaps the very reason as to how they came to fruition. However, in today’s world, a drone could, and has a far broader purpose. People are now using them for entertainment, shooting movies, rescuing people and the list goes on. But, how might they evolve the way in which we travel? Read on to find out…

AeroMobil s.r.o. AeroMobil
Scandinavi’s prototype from AeroMobils

With large retail corporations imagining the idea that your mail could be dispatched using a delivery drone, it makes for a fascinating scenario. After all, you could litter your mind with an infinite amount of ways of which a drone could provide a new technological solution.

Let’s just throw one crazy scenario into the wind – a Drone Taxi. Who’s the taxi driver I hear you ask? Why need one? – The drone itself would have the potential to deliver you safely using a computerised system. With the right system in place, it could avoid obstacles, understand routes and dangers, and ultimately work like a Boeing 747 does on auto-pilot.

You might consider this idea exciting whilst also very foreign, however, it currently seems inevitable that this will happen sooner or later. Transportation would be taken to a whole new level, that’s if this were to happen. Barriers, however, would pose as an issue, for example, hackers. Would you travel in a vehicle that had the potential of being hacked?

Roads and rail tracks are true limitations to travel, but with what seems like a limitless sky, we are clearly not seeing just how travel could really evolve on a local scale, that’s without the need of your average airplane. Your car or taxi could use the sky to navigate people – a much needed solution for congested cities.

flying cars - travel drones
The USA’s Terrafugia’s TF-X prototype.

Security is always a large taking point when it comes to technology. The fact is, the average user doesn’t want anyone using their information, whether it be the government, a hacker or any other party that they might consider a risk. If a corporation can be hacked into, then you’re hardly going to feel confident traveling in a vehicle using the very same framework – in other words, a computer.

You don’t need to watch Back to the Future in order to imagine how a flying car (travel drone), or whatever else you might call it, could operate. It’s nothing new, but are we now at a point when technology can actually deliver this pastime promise? It’s also true to say, you’d be right in thinking many of the ideas out there are crazy, because they are.

It seems obvious that, like with visiting space, you’ll need bucket loads of money to initially enjoy and whiteness this upcoming technology. In other words, it will be for the rich. But like with any technology, it will entertain mass-appeal fairly quickly.

Perhaps, sadly, this is why technology isn’t advancing at the increased speed it could do – at least for the travel industry. The idea of having cars flying around the sky is highly in reach, but you’d need to eliminate human error, of course, and that requires a computer. In fact, it’s that very reason why you don’t see flying cars; human error. Just imagine having 1000s of semi-trained pilots in the sky, it’s simply a disaster waiting to happen, right? Watch the following video, featuring the Terrafugia TF-X prototype, to get an idea of just how such a technology might operate on a very personal scale.

Travel drones will be a part of life in the future, I’m sure of it, the real question at hand is; When? To answer that question, it must be at a time of which security isn’t flawed and at a point when drone technology has reached a peak. You can’t help but feel as though we are slowly approaching this day, maybe by 2040 you’ll actually be able to take a London cab which isn’t glued to the roads, but has the freedoms of above.

It’s also worth remembering that the next time you take a flight, for the most part, it’s probably been controlled by a computer – and therefore is what you might consider drone mode.

Are you excited about the idea surrounding travel drones? Would you happily jump into a driverless yellow cab that took you into the sky of New York? Could you trust this very technology? Leave your comments below.

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